Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekend on the Rhine Part 2: Eltville

The morning of our last day in Wiesbaden, we realized we needed gas for the drive home. We can only use our fuel card at certain stations, so we decided we'd get gas on the Wiesbaden base and check out what another army post looked like. We didn't know that Wiesbaden is totally split into 3 bases, only 2 of which have gas stations (what??) So we ended up visiting all 3 posts, and threw in a stop at their PX and food court for good measure.

We are SO jealous of layout they've got! All the Bavarian posts are in the middle of nowhere, but Wiesbaden is so close to everything! Major airports! Train stations! Cities!!

So so so so so jealous, y'all. Ah well, maybe the powers that be in charge of orders will smile upon us and send us back to Germany one day, but to the Hessen side? :)

After our Army adventure (which took allllll morning), we got back on the site seeing track and headed to Kloister Eberbach near Eltville. It's an old monastery that is now a winery and museum. It was a beautiful day and perfect for strolling and wine tasting (we ended up buying a bottle of amazing Riesling from their vineyards). I taught Fionn the words for wine tasting- trocken, halb trocken, und lieblich (dry, semi dry, sweet). It was a fun day :)

After a while we were dying for a coffee/tea and cake break, so we headed to Eltville and stopped at a sweet little cafe for tea, coffee, and apple cake.

Caffeine fix sated, we took a walk around the town and stopped in the cathedral. It was deserted, so I sang a little bit of a song (gotta love cathedral acoustics)

And with that, we headed back to the car to start our journey home. What a nice weekend!

So, be honest, are you craving wine now? :)

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