Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekend in Scotland: Climbing Arthur's Seat

The day before our trip a friend of mine suggested we add climbing Arthur's Seat to our Edinburgh to do list. She said it had been one of her favorite parts of the trip, so I happily suggested it to Fionn and we decided to tackle it on our last day in the city.

Arthur's Seat is what remains of an extinct volcano and is essentially a mini mountain. It's big. It's craggy. I was more than a little intimidated when I saw it up close.

I should also point out that I am, admittedly, totally out of shape. I suck at sports, I can't run, I'm not sporty by any stretch of the imagination. My friend who suggested it is a former cop turned personal trainer. So...there's that :)

Fionn, who is in very good shape, took one look and announced we could climb it in 30 minutes. I wasn't so sure, but I really did want to climb it, so up we started!

Full disclosure: I am a terrible mountain climber. Fionn was way ahead of me while I gasped for air and tried to push myself forward. Man I am out of shape!

Luckily for me, Fionn was encouraging but also wouldn't let me quit. He didn't harass me or try to leave me in the dust, he just gave me an encouraging word and waited for me to catch up, which I eventually did.

Halfway there

Finally, we made it! It took us a little over 30 minutes, so Fionn was right. He was also right about the view, it made the climb worth it!

Fionn, barely breaking a sweat

Wild Mountain Thyme and bloomin' heather, just like the song :)

Channeling my inner prickly thistle

After climbing back down (which took way less time) we happened upon a diner and had a big Scottish breakfast. Oh, how we've missed diner food!

My reward :)

I guess I'm getting the hang of this outdoorsy thing!

How about you? Will you be adding climbing adventures to your itenerary? :)

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