Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend at the Würzburger Weindorf

The husbands were all away working this weekend, our good friend Julie is engaged, and the nearby town of Würzburg was having its annual wine festival called the Würzburger Weindorf. Does this scream girls' weekend or what?

I've always wanted to visit Würzburg, and a wine festival seemed like a great excuse to do it. Since all of us were free, we decided this was also a good time to plan a surprise bachlorette party for our friend Julie.

Würzburg is surrounded by vineyards-it's literally the first thing you see when you arrive there by car or train. It's located in a region called Franken, which is known for its wines. I think this is the first of many wine fests they have throughout the summer, I'd certainly love to go back to another one! :)

We settled into our hotel and met the rest of the girls (including the bachlorette herself) at the wine festival. We were lucky enough to score a table before it got really crowded, which was awesome since the place was PACKED by the end of the night. Along with some perfect summer evening weather and and a great group of gals, it was an awesome night.

We got the party started by crowning Julie with a fab sequinned tiara and veil (made by yours truly) and ordered a round of wine. We were going to attempt to try a lot of them, but then we noticed this heavenly creation...

This is called an Erdbeerbowle, or Strawberry Bowl. It's strawberries in white wine. Could this have been any more perfect for a bachlorette party?? :D

The Bachlorette herself!

Erdbeerbowle in hand, we got the party started. The Weindorf had some amazing food (I devoured mine before I thought to take a picture) and we quickly made friends with our neighboring tables, who were curious to know what we were doing, where we were from, and what we liked about Germany. Our favorites were the elderly couple behind us-they were actually the parents of our super sweet waitress, and were so friendly to us! Of course, we also were silly and drank countless erdbeerbowles...

The whole group (plus our sort of confused German neighbors)

This being a bachlorette party, we had to play some games and embarrass Julie. She was such a good sport though! She happily followed through on all of our dares, convincing a soccer fan to wear her tiara and let her wear his soccer scarf (and get pictures!), convince a guy to flex for a crowd, and get a dude to sing her a love song-THAT was the best one! We couldn't convince anyone to do it, so our waitress's mother got up and started helping us (since our German skills weren't quite up to it...)

our waitress and Julie

Waitress's mom gets involved when the guy in blue won't cooperate...

It worked, because one of the waiters agreed to do it!! He said he had to prepare first, so we waited around, playing some more games, giving Julie her presents, and talking. Finally, he arrived!

He totally blew us away. He sits down, introduces himself, and proceeds to freestyle rap in German to Julie! It was actually a very nice rap too, something about how pretty her eyes were and if she weren't already taken he'd marry her. D'aww. 

At this point it was nearing midnight, so it was obvious what the next step should be in an epic girls' night out, right?

Uhm, dancing duh. :)

So off we went dancing, had an awesome time, and everyone headed back to the hotel. I'd post pictures but I was too busy tearing up the dance floor to think of snapping pictures!

Such an awesome girls' night :) Congrats, Julie! And to our lovely waitress, her sweet parents, all the friendly Germans we met, and the guy who I hope will give up waiting tables and become a German rapping YouTube sensation one day, thanks for making Friday night fabulous.

If you're in Wurzburg this summer, check out the wine festivals! You don't even need to have a bachlorette party ;)

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