Friday, June 28, 2013

High Tea in Edinburgh

I am a huge tea lover. I drink multiple cups of tea a day and almost always stop to have tea and sweet around 4 pm. So when Fionn suggested Edinburgh for a weekend trip I immediately thought of one thing.

Afternoon High Tea!

The tea! The sandwiches and scones and sweets! The pomp and circumstance! We had to go to high tea.

Luckily I married someone who's always up for an adventure and likes to make me happy. So on our last day in Edinburgh, high tea was had.

There were so many places to choose from, but we were really happy with our choice, Eteaket. Everything was delicious and it was affordable without being skimpy. 

Plus, isn't the outside just adorable?

We chose a plain English breakfast tea for our teatime. They had a million choices, but sometimes the old standby is the best. Don't you just love the mismatched plates and the hourglass to time your tea steeping?

Finally, our tea goodies arrived. We chose chicken and pesto and cranberry and brie for a our sandwich choices. We also got two perfectly soft scones with homemade raspberry preserves and Devonshire clotted cream, and an assortment of sweets-brownies, chocolate oat cakes, and shortbread millionaires.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Fionn loves clotted cream and scones, so he was very happy!

As for me, well, I love everything about this, so I was VERY happy :)

Despite our best efforts, our tea was too much for us, so they kindly boxed it up for later. The only thing better than having tasty high tea in Edinburgh is cheering yourself up hours later with a tasty treat as your flight leaves for Munich. Softens the blow a little bit.

Jealously guarding my treats...

So obviously high tea was a major success. I am SO ready to go back to Scotland!!

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