Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What we've been doing lately...

Just when we thought spring was finally here, Germany pulled a fast one on us and blessed our Memorial Day weekend with non stop rain, wind, and temperatures that got down to the 40s. Seriously, what gives?? It's nearly June!!

Fionn had to work for part of the weekend, so we didn't go anywhere, and even if we wanted to, pretty much all of Germany had similar weather so it didn't seem worth it to drive all that way for nothing. I was dreaming of a weekend in the Rhine Valley visiting vineyards, but that will have to wait!

Someday we'll go!! :)

We tried to get out of the house, but since most things close at 2pm on Saturdays in rural Bavaria, everywhere was pretty much a ghost town. We stopped at a nearby chocolate factory for some hot drinks and homemade cake, and that cheered us up (free chocolate and gummy bear samples didn't hurt either!). It was packed, so I guess that's what all the Germans do on weekends when they're not nordic walking...

People always laugh when I say that, but seriously, every single weekend the Germans come out in droves to go walking, with nordic sticks or without. Whether it's raining, freezing cold, blistering hot, the Germans always spend their weekend outside. Since where we live is so rural, there are a lot of trails to go walking, but every weekend? Don't they get tired of seeing the same trees, rocks, and stumps? I guess I have a long way to go to become truly Bavarian.

Speaking of Bavaria, this was a big weekend for our federal state since the soccer team FC Bayern-München won the Champions League against rivals, Dortmund. Since there's no World Cup or Euro Cup this year, it's a pretty huge deal for European soccer fans. Bavarians went nuts when their team won.

Of course the big cities in Bavaria were crazy with football fans, but even the little villages had parties spilling out of their little pubs that went into the early hours of the morning. When I drove by the pub in our village in my red car wearing a red coat some guys in lederhosen and Bayern-München shirts started cheering. Guess I picked the right color to wear...

Apart from that, it was a very quiet weekend. We caught up on sleep, ran some errands, and yesterday we had dinner with our friends who live in the flat below us. My friend Allie made some amazing pulled pork and I made coleslaw, and it would've been very Memorial Day-esque if not for the driving rain and freezing temps. Ah, Germany. :)

June is coming up and Fionn and I are trying to get on planning some trips since our time in Europe is running out! It's a bittersweet feeling for me-I've been on my "European adventure" for almost 5 years and it's strange to finally have an "end date" and a guaranteed return to the States. I'm excited because I do really miss home and being an expat is tiring after a while, but I'll also miss the adventure and the fun my expat life has brought me. But there's a time for everything, right? So this is just one new chapter...

BUT, that day is not here yet! So, a-traveling we go. Next stops, Edinburgh, Scotland and Lisbon, Portugal! :)

What have you been up to lately? :)

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