Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friend Reunion in Bavaria!

This past weekend was GREAT because my study abroad friends from Marburg, Nathan and Chelsea, and Nate's gf Meghan came to visit!! What can be better than that? They're fellow expats (in Berlin and Prague) and it's so cool to see them after so long.

We didn't get a picture of all of us together, so here are some others to make up for it...

During our study abroad days, one of the first times we all hung out! Can you find all 3 of us?

In Berlin the summer I met Fionn (almost 2 years now!!) when we all started our crazy post grad expat adventures

We had such a great time but it went by way too fast. I felt like they got here and in the blink of an eye it was time for them to leave.

Friday night was full of snafus. We planned to meet up and head straight to the beer festival going on in Regensburg. Nate realized he'd bought the wrong tickets, so they were planning on exchanging them and coming in late. No matter. I picked up Chelsea, we had dinner and started getting ready to pick up Nate and Meghan. That's when we got a call from Meghan saying Nate had been taken in by the German police for a Czech work visa misunderstanding and she hadn't heard from him in two hours! I told her to take the train to us and we would figure it out.

When she arrived we finally heard from Nathan, who said he was in a random train station an hour away and realized he'd left his wallet in Meghan's bag. I told him not to worry, sit tight and we'll come pick you up with my car. An hour later we finally picked up poor, tired Nate-who then realized he'd forgotten his backpack on the bus from Prague in the brouhaha with the police! Poor guy! We drove to my house, fed everybody a late dinner and all went to bed, saying we'd settle it in the morning.

The next morning things seemed brighter. We found out Nathan was NOT illegal, it was just a misunderstanding on the Germans' part and that all Nate's work visa stuff was fine and dandy in Prague (where he and Meghan work as English teachers). We breathed a sigh of relief but all worried about what would happen if he got stopped again and the Germans misunderstood AGAIN...nobody wanted Nate getting deported!!

I made a big American breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fruit salad (I love breakfast and it was so fun to get to cook for a crowd) and we had a leisurely morning before heading off to Nurnberg to get Nate's backpack. Thankfully it was safe and sound in the lost and found. With that recovered, I played tour guide and gave them a tour of the lovely Nurnberg. We stopped for Bavarian beer and Nurnberger wurstchen, the small sausages found all over the city with a side of potato salad and mustard. Gotta give them a real taste of Bavaria ;)

It was overcast but otherwise pleasant as we walked around the city. We scoped out the flea market going on and turned the ring for good luck (we needed some!) before stopping for a coffee to escape a little bit of rain.

the gang plus some missing friends in Nürnberg :)

After that we headed north towards the Frankische Schweiz to have dinner at this amazing Mexican place Fionn and I found. I'm pretty sure it's run by Americans or at least someone who's lived in America, but we all got our delicious Mexican food fill and rolled ourselves out to the car. Nate commented that it was so good he never even had that "this is good...but..." sensation you usually get when eating Mexican food in Europe. Man that place was good!

We drove back to our house where we met Fionn-poor guy had to work all weekend so we didn't see him very much, but we brought him some Mexican food to make up for it. :) We got into our dirndls and piled in the car for Regensburg Beer Fest, Take 2!

That was so much fun! We arrived kind of late but managed to get a seat at one of the tents, listened to the music and ordered our maß beers. It was really fun (and the beer was good, like Bavarian beer always is) and we had so much fun we ended up being the last ones out at closing time (err, actually the security guard told us to finish our beers and GET out haha but we had a hard time understanding his Bayerische).

I love my party animals

Everyone had to go home Sunday, so we hung out as much as we could until the afternoon when everyone boarded their respective trains. My house was so quiet and boring when I got home! It was such an awesome weekend seeing great old friends and meeting Nate's awesome girlfriend, Meghan. So so so so so fun. You all can come back anytime!! :)

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