Sunday, May 5, 2013

Change of Commands and other things

Since we got back from Morocco the weather has FINALLY started warming up! Bavarian winters are no joke. Even the Germans are sick of winter. We had our first Easter here in Germany (last year we were in Turkey) and got to experience Bavarian Easter traditions, like lamb shaped cakes for sale, decorating easter trees, and neighborhood children coming through the streets multiple times a day making a ton of noise on Good Friday since church bells are not allowed to ring again until Easter Sunday-when they ring for AGES. Gotta love Bavaria :)

Oh, did I forget to mention it snowed a few inches on Easter Sunday? Yeah. So as you can imagine, when May finally rolled around and we had REAL spring weather we were all excited! Things in bloom! Animals! Green! SHORTS!!

Also, I have been offered a job as an English and French teacher in the neighboring big city. Exciting! It's been a while since graduation, but man did it feel good to finally go to a job interview for a grown up job. It is also nice to have a YES after months of No's or even more frustrating, total silence. I won't start until they start new classes in a few weeks, but I'm happy :) Foreign languages are near and dear to my heart, and as I explained to my new boss, I may not have experience as a teacher, but I sure know what foreign language students need since I've been one enough times!!

Alright, now to the title of this post. Today was my first time attending a Change of Command ceremony! Fionn's company got a new commander, and I'm friends with the new commander's wife, so I went. It was overcast and windy, so my planned outfit of a sundress had to be swapped for a dress with tights. Oh, German weather.

I like the new commander, but I'll also miss the old one. His wife was also in the Army, and she had a very funny dry sense of humor. She always had great stories. It's too bad she won't be at any of our functions anymore.

The ceremony included the usual formalities-standing at attention for Germany and America's anthems, reading short bios on the outgoing and incoming commanders, giving flowers to the wives of the new and old commanders, and some words by the Battallion Commander. Then, they marched onto the field to pass the guideon from old to new and when they did the two tanks on the field suddenly fired two rounds followed by someone shooting a 240. I was definitely not ready for that and nearly jumped out of my seat! I felt bad for the owners of the half dozen car alarms that went off ;) Overall, unexpected but a very cool way to start your time as CO.

They each said a few words, then everyone shook hands and greeted each other and headed inside for cake and food. A lot of my friends were there so we had a good time chatting and I finally got to see where Fionn works. Yay! I told him I'd buy him an air freshener so it smelled less like sweaty guy and tactical gear (you fellow army wives know the smell I'm talking about??)

The new commander's wife gave me some flowers afterward which was very sweet of her. They are a really nice family and I'm excited to have them leading the company.

This weekend I'm heading back to Poland for Polish Pottery Trip 2.0. Since that is the most popular blog post I've ever written, I'll have to come up with something new and exciting for all you PP lovers out there! :)

And now, back to wishing for more of this spring weather!!

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