Monday, February 18, 2013

Fasching in Bavaria

While everyone stateside was talking about Mardi Gras, Germans (especially Bavarians) were going nuts for Fasching. Fasching is German Carnival-crazy parties, crazy costumes, crazy parades, and normally reserved Germans throwing candy and handing out shots and cutting off ties. While the big Fasching party is in Cologne, we managed to catch a small glimpse of Fasching during a parade in a local town. It was fun!

As you can see, it was a pretty crazy mix of costumes. The floats went by, people pelted you with candy or gave out shots, and since the parade was small it looped around the town about 3 times before coming to a stop. Then everyone danced in the street and drank. It was pretty funny, and VERY Bavarian. Our favorite part was all the tractors-where I'm from it's big pick up trucks and beauty queens that dominate parades! ;)

Happy Fasching, everyone!

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