Monday, January 7, 2013

Spain Part 4: Seville cont'd

Yes, food poisoning was upon me!

I woke up feeling like something was wrong. I couldn't figure it out, but something just felt off. Eventually I managed to fall back asleep, but when I woke again with everyone else I felt worse. Fionn got me to drink some water and I assured everyone it was probably just too much rich food, and we set out.

Andrea took us to a cafe for breakfast where we had a typical breakfast from Seville. Strong, dark, coffee, toast with serrano ham and tomato pulp, and orange juice. I took one bite thought I was going to be fine, and then promptly ran from the table and was sick in some bushes. Embarrassing!

This then led to being asked about a million times if I was pregnant. Haha, no!!

I decided to skip breakfast and stick with water. We drove into the city to see the Place d'Espana, this beautiful building and plaza decorated with gorgeous tiles. They used it for a scene in one of the newer Star Wars, apparently. It was so pretty and really fun to walk around and see how each province in Spain was given its own alcove and decorated with tiles.

The whole place was covered in tiles, even the stairs! If I hadn't been feeling so bad I would have happily spent the whole day looking at everything.

My condition deteriorated from there. We walked over to the old university and through part of the town. Eventually we left Andrea and her boyfriend so they could prepare for a Christmas party. We tried sightseeing but I was so sick at this point we had to stop. We stopped at a Starbucks where Fionn got me a banana and water and made the executive decision that I was done for the day. Since we were pretty sure I had food poisoning and it was probably contagious, he booked us a hotel room so we wouldn't risk getting Andrea or her mom sick. Fionn was amazing, he took such good care of me, even when I was being a huge baby about everything. :) He even went into the pharmacy and managed to communicate with the non English speaking pharmacist (mostly charades haha) and get me medicine. We checked into our hotel, he got me every kind of drink I could want, and I slept the rest of the day.

While I was asleep and sick with fever, Andrea brought all of our stuff over from her apartment. It was so sweet of her. She also promised she would take us to the train station the next day to catch our train to Madrid.

Praise God, I woke up the next day with no fever, feeling weak and hungry but no longer sick. I didn't have much of an appetite, but I was a million times better than the day before. Andrea came to get us, we said our goodbyes, and off we went to Madrid!

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