Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spain Part 2: Barcelona cont'd

We started our second day in Barcelona with a recommendation from Marina and her roommate Maria. We had to try pan con tomate. They said it was very typical breakfast food for the region-basically toast with tomato pulp, drizzled with olive oil on top. It sounded delish, so we found the cafe they suggested (a place called La Nena at Ramon y Cajal 36), presented the card Marina had carefully written "Pan con tomate" on, held up two fingers and smiled hopefully at the waitress.

Luckily it worked, and we soon had our breakfast.

pan con tomate

Verdict? So so so good. We were not disappointed!

Bellies full, it was time to see Gaudi! He's got quite a few famous creations around the city and we really wanted to see them. These included houses he built for rich families in Barcelona. Marina explained that they asked for something unlike anything else in Barcelona and they were assured by Gaudi it would be beautiful but very different. Needless to say, they hated it, but as time went on his creations became a defining characteristic of the city. What is Barcelona without Gaudi?

Following Marina and Maria's advice, we went down to La Boqueria, a giant market. So many things to be seen! First sweets...

then some fresh fishies...

and much more. We had a good time exploring, but once we got to the meat section my stomach got a little turned so we continued on our way.

The coolest part of our day was visiting Gaudi's masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. I've seen a LOT of cathedrals and churches over the years, but WOW. This was truly impressive. It has so much color and light and symbolism! And the coolest part? It's still a work in progress-architects are still working on making Gaudi's plans a reality, over a hundred years after construction was started. Cool, eh?

And now, enough talking. Pictures.

Ok, that's enough pictures. But isn't it cool looking?

That pretty much wrapped up our trip to Barcelona. We spent our last night in a little hotel, but since Fionn wasn't feeling well (he'd come down with a cold) I went out to dinner by myself that night. We'd planned to try out this really famous tapas place but in the end I went alone. The food was alright, but I ended up getting food poisoning! Thank God we didn't both decide to go that night, since this was the ONE meal we didn't share.

While at the restaurant I was seated next to a German couple. The guy looked in my direction and remarked in German to his wife, "Isn't it weird a woman would be eating by herself?"

I was a little taken aback, but since he obviously didn't think I spoke German I just stayed quiet. He continued with, "You never really see that, do you? And that's a lot of food for her. she probably won't finish it, she'll be calling the waiter over in a minute to have it all sent back."

I was really annoyed but kept my cool and pretended I didn't understand. That was, until their food came, when I casually leaned over with a smile and said in German, "I hope you enjoy your food!"

Their faces were SO priceless. The guy was so red as he stammered a thank you. Hey, i couldn't let that one slide! ;)

Anywho, the next day we were off for Seville!

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