Saturday, January 5, 2013

My birthday!

Another year older! I can't believe it was already time for my birthday again. I feel like 21 was just a few days ago and now here I am at twenty four...I really feel like this year snuck up on me, but hey, can't outrun time, right?

SO much has happened this year. It has been such a whirlwind. But what a great, crazy year it's been!

Fionn woke me up with tea and a very sweet happy birthday. He had to head off to work, so I had a lazy morning and enjoyed reading all the sweet messages and emails and received a few phone calls from friends and family near and far. After running some errands, my friends took me out to Regensburg for lunch, where we checked out this Asian buffet place. It was really good, and even included ice cream (love that!)

Fionn asked me to come home and see him before I headed to our Wives' Coffee that night, but I was really surprised when he walked in the door with a huge bouquet of flowers and a giant chocolate cake! He'd also gotten me a very sweet card. It was so sweet and thoughtful of him, and the cake was delicious. He'd gotten his boss's wife to make it (she's really well known around here for her creative and tasty cakes) which was quite a surprise since I wasn't expecting something quite so grand. Obviously I underestimated his respect for my sweet tooth!

I kissed him goodbye and went off to the Wives' Coffee, where we drank gl├╝hwein and played a White Elephant gift exchange (I won a Christmas candle holder and some Christmas candles) and chatted. I was very surprised and touched that my friends made cupcakes for me though-my second helping of chocolate cake in a few hours! Haha, everyone knows me too well...

It was so sweet of them and very much appreciated. Such a fun night with a great group of ladies!

After the party I made my way back through the (now snow covered) streets, called my family whose calls I'd missed, and then cuddled up in bed with my sweet husband after a long day of birthday fun. He was sorry that my birthday presents didn't get here in time, but I assured him it was fine-it just means my birthday got extended a few days longer! :)

Fun day. I feel loved :)

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