Saturday, January 5, 2013

Make up Christmas!

We only spent two weeks at home during December before we set off on our trips, and I was kind of sad that we wouldn't get to enjoy our tree and decorations. Since we spent Christmas Day in Dublin with Fionn's parents, we decided we would have our own Christmas when we got back home and exchange a few little gifts. This ended up being a lot of fun since we had to sneakily buy presents for each other during our vacation and then yesterday we kept sneaking off to opposite ends of the house to wrap them up (while fighting over the scotch tape, scissors, and wrapping paper).

This morning we woke up like excited little kids to rip into Christmas presents. Of course, since we're serious grown ups (wink wink) we controlled ourselves long enough to make some breakfast first.

We took turns opening presents and I was very happy with mine! Fionn got me a Vera Bradley purse I've been drooling over for ages and a tote bag for shopping, some chocolates, an amazing Irish cookbook with great, fresh recipes and gorgeous pictures, and some handmade Irish soap I kept raving about. He knows me too well! ;) A wonderful family friend of mine from back home sent us the cutest little Savannah calender which I can't wait to use.

I gave Fionn a new travel mug, some handwarmers, an IOU promising to go on a camping trip with him anytime, anywhere (his favorite, I think), and a book on Steve McQueen.

We had such a fun, sweet little Christmas together. :)

and now, some Christmas decoration pictures! Isn't our tree cute?

not exactly a decoration, but still cute. can you guess who this is? :)

my mom mailed this to me-my favorite ornament as a kid! circa '92...our tree is so vintage ;)

Merry (second) Christmas from Germany!

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