Saturday, January 5, 2013

Late Thanksgiving and Early Christmas

Since we were in Strasbourg for Thanksgiving, we originally decided to write off doing the whole Thanksgiving thing. But I had a change of heart once we returned home and I saw every one's tasty Thanksgiving creations. I walked through the commissary and saw the Thanksgiving staples of cranberry sauce, poultry seasoning, yams...

and I thought, we CAN'T skip Thanksgiving!!

So the Thursday AFTER Thanksgiving I got to work cooking up a Thanksgiving Feast for 2. I skipped the turkey and got a rotisserie chicken instead, but cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie-that was all on the list.

Our first Thanksgiving

We received a lot of beautiful china and crystal for our wedding thanks to our generous family and friends, so I thought this would be a good occasion to use it. Candlesticks, nice plates, tablecloth, check, check, check.


Of course, what Thanksgiving would be complete without pie? So naturally we had that too.

It all tasted good, and I was glad we got to eat it and think of what we're thankful for, even if we were a week late :)

Last weekend we got our baby tree and set to decorating it. I bought some Christmas lights at the German equivalent of a dollar store, and while we were in N├╝rnberg Fionn and I picked out our first ornaments for the tree. It was funny to look through all the German ornaments since my mom has so many similar ones from her time in Germany. I kept seeing them and relieving many past Christmases carefully unwrapping those pretty hand made ornaments and now I was buying my own.

I wanted to buy a nativity scene but couldn't find one I really liked so I held off. We did find some pretty red glass balls, a painted metal nativity scene ornament, and a cute red squirrell (we are in Germany after all!). I received a red heart ornament for hosting the last Wives' Coffee, so that was enough ornaments to make our little tree look festive :)

We're still missing a tree topper, but we're hoping to find something this weekend at another Christmas market. So, what do you think of our tree? :)

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