Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nürnberg Christmas Market

This has been a fun week. I made some new friends, had make up Thanksgiving (since we spent ours in Strasbourg), got a sweet haircut, and went to a promotion party last night.

And then this weekend was the beginning of the Nürnberg Christmas Market!

I was so so so so so excited about this. I love Christmas markets, and I'd always heard that Nürnberg's was the best. So I was super excited to go today!

We hopped the train earlyish and got there before the crowds descended. We ate all the usual Christmas market fare-bratwurst semmel, potato puffers, glühwein, and lebkuchen (gingerbread). However, this market offered other new experiences, like Apfelkuchla (fried, batter dipped apple rings with cinnamon sugar) and Feuerzangenbowle, a rum based hot drink where they set fire to alcohol soaked sugar above the cauldron of liquid and let it drip down. Very tasty. :)


There's the bulk of the market, where you can find ornaments, winter clothes, snacks, and gifts, but off to the side is the Partner City market where you can shop from international vendors. There was an Atlanta booth (yeah GA!) selling American candy and other American goodies. I was captivated (as usual) by the Ukrainian stall, but ended up buying a tartan scarf from the Glasgow stall. We also stopped by the fountain so I could turn the gold ring, which is supposed to bring you luck!

By that point we hadn't done much shopping (only eating) but our feet were freezing so we ducked into a Starbucks to warm up. Nothing like American portions of coffee! When we came out we were amazed that the crowd had tripled in size!

Now that we were warmed up, we went shopping for Christmas ornaments to decorate our first Christmas tree. Fionn was very sweet and patient as I took ages to pick ornaments. They were all so pretty it was hard to pick just one!

posing with my new scarf

just for you, Mom!

After exhausting the stalls we headed home, bought our baby tree at Rewe and brought it home. We're waiting for the snow to melt off before we start decorating, but once we do I'll post pics! :)

It started snowing on Thursday, and our little village is covered in snow. It looks like a picture (though I wouldn't be too sad if it all melted away, I hate driving in this). They're calling for more snow next week, so expect snow pictures up soon!

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