Sunday, December 2, 2012

Du muuuuuuhst hin!

Know what's a nice way to spend a quiet Sunday?

With cows of course!

We've heard from a lot of people about the "Cow Café", a reservation required, only open on Sundays, middle of nowhere Bavarian gem where you eat homemade cakes and drink coffee, tea, or (what else?) milk and look out onto cows. We were interested, so I called and reserved us a spot, and after church we set off for the Cow Café.

Kuhten Tag!

Everything was a winter wonderland, and as we followed our GPS's instructions we started to wonder if we were in the right place. But suddenly, we saw a sign with a big cow on it, and yep! We were there.

We were the first ones in the café, and a friendly older lady led us to our 2 person table. The café is on the second floor and the tables all face these giant windows that look down onto cows in their pens. Cows eating hay, cows taking a nap, cows moving around,, doing their business...

Cakes to be eaten...

They were actually fun to watch! They had space to move around the barn, but mostly they just ate. They would kind of lumber over, push their heads through the dividers to eat, and then lumber back to a hay covered pen to swish their tails and look around. Usually they are outside too, but since it was so snowy they were all indoors.

Fionn was all excited to try fresh milk, so he had that and a coffee, while I stuck with tea (mit Schuss, to warm me up!). They had a bunch of delicious looking cakes to try, so we went with a Küchl (Bavarian fried bread with powdered sugar and lemon) and a Himbeersahnetorte (Raspberry cream cake). Though of course, we had some food jealousy after seeing our neighbors' cakes...if only we could have tried them all!

Enjoying Raspberry Cream Cake and tea, along with cows in the background

Fionn's coffee and milk (complete with udders!)

The Küchl

We enjoyed our cakes, fresh milk, and cow viewing and really want to do it again. It was such a fun, typically Bavarian experience, and a cheap date ;)

After the Cow Café we took the long way back to see the winter landscape. Unfortunately we forgot our new camera so everything is cell phone pictures.

Once home, we started setting up our Christmas tree! Fionn and I found a baby Christmas tree for €15, so I turned up the Christmas tunes and decorated it. Then we sat in the living room and enjoyed it, and Fionn took a nap. Nice, lazy, Sunday :)

Christmas tree pictures to come soon!

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