Friday, November 30, 2012

Bamberg, Beer, and Bacon

A few weeks ago, my darling husband suggested we check out Bamberg. It's a short train ride away from us, and he'd heard it had a really cool old city and cool things to do there. That same day, a friend of mine visited there and came back saying how cool it was and how they had this stuff called "Rauchbier" that tasted like ham flavored beer.

HAM flavored??

We were intrigued. So off we went.

Bamberg was a very cute place to visit. Its historic city center was relatively untouched by the war, so a lot of things survived, something that is unusual to find in Germany. We had fun exploring the Dom and the cathedral on the hill. But we were still pretty interested in trying some Rauchbier.

Once you get into the heart of the old city, finding Rauchbier is a snap. It's everywhere and there are a lot of restaurants selling it. We had a late lunch/early dinner in a typical Frankish restaurant (Bamberg is in the region of Franconia). I had pork medallions in a cream/tomato sauce and Fionn had some kind of huge pork thing with fried potato patties. And of course, we had Rauchbier.

It smelled JUST LIKE HAM. It was the weirdest thing! It had a slight ham taste, but not overpowering. You tasted like your average German dark beer, but with a smoky, pork aftertaste. Really weird, but tasty (though not something I'd want to drink a lot of!).

We liked it, though we also noticed there is a slight Rauchbier smell that lingers over the entire city, probably because there are so many breweries there.

Since we were only staying for the day, we left around 6pm, but not before we bought a lock, wrote our names and the date and attached it to the bridge. You're supposed to throw the keys into the river afterwards, so we did :) Too bad we forgot to get a picture of it!

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