Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday in Munich and Saturday in Nürnberg

Last weekend recap...

The Friday before last I hopped a train down to Munich to see a good friend of mine from Marburg named Anna. She was the student liaison of sorts when I studied in Marburg. She helped with the paperwork, our integration, and any problems we had in school. Plus she was just an all around nice girl and we used to get coffee a lot together. We've stayed in touch since then but we always seems to miss each other when I'm in Marburg. She came down to Munich for Oktoberfest so I met her and her boyfriend to hang out for the day.

It just feels weird to go to Munich without some Trachten on


Since both of us had already done the Oktoberfest thing, we hung out in Munich. It was an amazing blue sky day so we had a good time wandering around Munich and seeing the usual sights. We stopped for lunch in a typical Bavarian brauhaus for some tasty schnitzel and potato salad and saw more half drunk dirndl and lederhosen clad people to count. Oktoberfest was definitely in full swing, even at 2 pm on a Friday!

We went to the market to try some food and look at the odds and ends being sold, and Anna explained the German maypole tradition. Then we stopped for coffee and cake before heading towards the station.

We had a good time hanging out and catching up, but unfortunately we both had trains to catch around 6 to head to our respective homes. I said goodbye to Thomas and Anna and hopefully I'll see them again soon!

Saturday poor Fionn had to work most of the day, but he was a sport and still went to Nürnberg with me to see Irish flute player Kevin Crawford in concert. I was super excited about seeing him live, and he and the two guys he was touring with did not disappoint! Afterwards I got to meet an Irish fiddler who lives in the area. She and I have been emailing back and forth trying to get some music going, so it was cool to meet her in real life!

Sunday was a lazy quiet day before the crazy week that was to come. It was nice to spent time together since the boys are leaving for a long training this month. But more on that later!

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