Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In the weeks following the news about Emily, I was so touched and grateful for all my wonderful friends who reached out to me. My friends from back home were amazing as they called, Facebooked, and emailed me constantly to check in on me and keep my spirits up. I am so grateful to have wonderful people like you all in my life.

I was also so touched that my friends here in Bavaria reached out to me, encouraging me to get out of the house, do fun things, invited me out for lunch...all these small gestures meant the world to me as I tried to process this news. Just to know that people cared enough to reach out to me, even people who haven't known me that long, was so incredibly helpful and wonderful of them. People are really amazing sometimes.

The past two weeks have mostly been filled with local stuff, though as I mentioned I've been spending a lot of time with my new friends here-taking some art classes, going shopping, and having much needed "girl time". We met two new wives without kids, so the 5 of us spent a Saturday in Regensburg and visited a local wine festival for tasty Federweisser wine (a fizzy, slightly sweet wine). Last week Amanda and I made a funfetti cake from scratch for our friend Carly's birthday. We got her husband in on it and surprised her at a local restaurant. A Bavarian guy playing the accordion even came over and played Happy Birthday for us! That was such a fun night.

Last weekend was also great because my awesome friend Chelsea came to visit! Chelsea studied with me in Marburg and we both got internships in Berlin last summer, which is when we became close. She still lives in Berlin, and we've been trying to make plans to see each other for months. She decided to come down for Oktoberfest, and let me say-we had an awesome time!

Chelsea got in late Friday night and was our very first guest to break in our guest bedroom (she gave it a thumbs up!). Saturday we had a lazy morning before putting on our dirndls and hopping the train to Munich. Fionn wasn't too keen on Oktoberfest, so we left him to his video games.

We got to Oktoberfest, where we met her friends Elli and Mark. We managed to find a seat in the Biergarten, ordered our Maß beers, and started chatting with our table mates. The couple next to us was from Wurzburg, and they were so nice and funny! We ended up speaking German with them most of the night. The other end of the table was a revolving door of people, but we met some nice ones, especially the Turkish couple who sat down last. I was defintely feeling the Oktoberfest love by that point, which is probably why I hugged the woman and told her Turkey was the coolest place I'd ever visited and how much I loved it. She seemed really pleased by that and told me I had "made her heart so big" by telling her that :)

Before we knew it it was 9pm and we realized we were fast running out of trains to catch back home. So we grudgingly left our table and new friends and raced to the train station to catch a train home. Luckily Fionn was waiting on us when we got to our town and gave us a ride home. He's great :)

The next morning we had headaches but good memories, and we enjoyed sleeping in. We showed Chelsea around, bought some American food, and made tasty fajitas for dinner. Then it was off to bed so Chelsea could catch her train the next morning. Too short of a trip! :(

There are still two weeks left in Oktoberfest, so maybe we'll go again? Don't know yet...this weekend is my first Military Ball, so expect an update on that.

Thank God for wonderful friends both near and far. I'm so thankful for all the love in my life.

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