Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend in Venice: Part 2

After spending all day in Venice on Friday, Fionn and I wanted to do something different. Since the crowds were bad enough on a weekday, we figured they'd be even worse on a Saturday, so we didn't want to go into the city again. From my pre-trip research, I'd heard about the islands of Murano, of Murano glass fame, Burano, famous for lace, and Lido with its lovely beaches. They're all easily reached by vaporetti, the Venetian water taxes, so we thought why not?

When we got to the water taxi stop we noticed that the next one headed to Murano was leaving in less than 10 minutes, so we scrambled to buy tickets and hop on board. Unfortunately, we didn't notice that we had picked the slowest water taxi route, the one that took the loooooooong way around. What we thought would be a 20 minute ride ended up being over an hour!

view from the water taxi

We finally reached Murano, sweaty, dehydrated, and already sick of the crowds. Luckily we managed to find some water and a shady spot to sit, and suddenly Murano was a lot nicer. :)

Murano is pretty small, and since it's known for one thing-hand blown glass, it can start to feel a little tourist trap-y as you wander through street after street after street selling the same things. However, you can really come to appreciate the art of glassblowing. There were quite a few glass sculptures around the town as well as glass blowing demonstrations and a factory.

Glass sculpture

We saw their churches, complete with beautiful mosaics and lots of glass ornamentation, including a huge glass crucifix. We even stopped in the Museum of Glass. We were a little disappointed that we couldn't find a live demonstration, but I left with a huge respect for their art. It's amazing how they can create such beautiful, intricate things.

The glass was stunning, but a little too pricey for us! I bought a pair of blue glass earrings and that was it for the day. We wandered into a residential section, grabbed a sandwich and a Spritz Aperol and thought about our game plan.

We had originally planned on seeing Lido and Burano, but by 3pm we were pretty wiped out from the oppressive heat and masses of people everywhere. So we headed back to Padova, took a nap, and then found a fancy Italian restaurant to celebrate our last night in Italy.

isn't he handsome? :)

Dinner was amazing! We had wine and appetizers and tasty main courses, an awesome dessert and even coffee. We felt very spoiled, but we figured we'd go out to one nice place while we were in Italy since we'd been so frugal everywhere else. It didn't dissapoint! Those Italians KNOW their food! :)

The next day we were back on buses, trains, planes, and cars on the journey back to Bavaria. We had a layover in Zurich, so it was kind of cool to be able to say we'd been in 3 countries in one day!

So I guess I can check Italy off the list... :)

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