Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer in America: Part 1

I'm slowly but surely getting around to writing about being back home this summer. It might take me a little while to write it all, but I hope you enjoy!

So way back in May I headed Stateside! Fionn had to go back to America for a month long training, so rather than staying all by my lonesome in Germany, I went back home. This worked out great because we still had a wedding to plan, so I was able to visit the venues, get a dress, and all that other stuff.

It was such a great feeling touching down in Atlanta, especially getting to walk through that familiar airport terminal, southern accented English at every turn and then see my awesome mom waiting for me at the exit. We drove up to SC and I stayed with them at their house. I got to see my grandparents and my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and me and mom had a great time spending time together.

I was there for Memorial Day, and my dad asked me to fill in as the singer of the National Anthem at a local Memorial Day event. I was nervous, but I agreed. I'd never sung the National Anthem before, and it was a little intimidating to perform at such a solemn occasion, but all went well. It was a very moving ceremony and reminded me of what Memorial Day is really about.

Throughout May we did a lot of wedding stuff. I visited Fionn while we was training and saw our friends Ben and Olia (who're expecting a little one! So exciting!), and then Mom and I drove down to Savannah to finalize wedding plans. We had quite a bit to do-tour the venue, write checks, choose the menu, pick the cake, meet the photog...a little overwhelming but all went well since we had been able to finalize most things over email and phone (thank God for the internet when you're trying to plan a wedding from across an ocean!).

Being in Savannah was also awesome because I got to see my brother and a bunch of my friends. We stopped by the Davenport House garden party and I got to see all the wonderful people there, met up with my friend Lacy and her bf Bennett, sat in on a Sunday night session at Kevin Barry's and saw almost everyone (missed you, Colleen and Dan-o!), visited the amazing Cutter's Poin and saw some (sadly not all) of my old coworkers, and of course, went downtown with my awesome friends including my best friend Katelyn. Fionn drove down too, so all was right with the world. It made me so happy to be back home with all these people I love. Our last day in Savannah we went to the beach and had a good time watching my brother draw pictures in the sand of whatever crazy idea we shouted out to him :)

After that weekend, me, mom and Pappie headed back to SC...

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