Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Off to Prague we go!

As I mentioned earlier, Fionn has had a cadet shadowing him for the summer. This past weekend, the three of us took a trip to Prague. Yep, I said three.

Why three you ask? Because the chain of command worried about his safety and decided he couldn't travel any farther than Nürnberg without a chaperone. Funny having a chaperone for a 26 year old guy, but I didn't mind too much. I love Prague and I was excited to enjoy its romantic streets with my good looking husband, plus I like showing people places in Europe when they've never been before, so I didn't mind playing tour guide.

I booked us a hotel and the cadet a hostel right around the corner, and off we went for Prague. The last time I was there it was late autumn, and I have to say-the weather was so much better in the summer! A little hot, but sunny and beautiful and awesome.

We got into the city around lunchtime, which gave us plenty of time to get settled before heading out. Luckily the hostel and hotel were really close to the Old City Center so we walked there in no time. We stopped by a Starbucks and they were VERY confused by my name. After asking multiple times they ended up writing "Jannie" on my cup. So I'm "Jannie" in the Czech Republic and "Schanen" in Germany ;) I'm going to keep a running list of all the ways foreign Sbuxes mess up my name. Who knew I had such a weird one? :)

The cadet was just over the moon as we walked through Prague. He had the biggest smile on his face and kept stopping to take pictures. It was cute :) We went to the Old Town Square and checked out a little street festival there, sampled some Czech food and beer...

and got some photo ops in! :)

We helped the cadet make some plans and then left him to his own devices for a few hours while we hung out alone. Fionn and I had both been to Prague already so we weren't too interested in the touristy stuff, we mostly just wanted to spend time together after a very stressful work week for Fionn. He had to work really late all week which meant we hardly saw each other, so it was nice to just hold hands and walk down the streets and talk. We did a little shopping, ate ice cream, took pictures...it was fun :)

Fast forward to dinnertime, we met the cadet for dinner. He'd had such an awesome time exploring the city, he couldn't stop gushing about it (unusual for him since so far he'd been mostly silent!). We went out to a Czech restaurant and tried traditional Czech food and beer. Fionn got the coolest looking thing-it was a pork knuckle on this huge metal spike with vegetables and horseradish-I can't believe I forgot to get a picture! We had fun talking to the cadet-his brother is also in the Army and is stationed in Savannah. Turns out he lives in my old apartment complex! Small world, huh?

The only bad part about dinner was they charged us for the sauce caddy they brought to the table. Things like mustard, mayo ketchup!! Yes, we got charged for using their ketchup bottle. Unbelievable!

After dinner the cadet headed off for a pub crawl and Fionn and I walked through the city and looked at the lights and talked. It was sweet and romantic and I gotta say, I didn't miss the pub crawlin' ;)

The next morning we caught breakfast, checked out of the hotel and met the cadet who was lookin rode hard and put up wet. He'd definitely been partying hard the night before-so hard in fact, his bank suspended his card for a few hours because he'd withdrawn so much money in a such a short amount of time. He started recounting some of his antics (which included Brazilian party goers, shots, a trip to what sounded like a strip club, and a bar made of ice) but Fionn kind of cut him off before he got too carried away. I mean, hey-we've all had our wild nights out but uh, maybe don't recount those in detail to your boss and his wife! ;)

We walked to the Jewish section of Prague and looked around, and I bought the most adorable hand made doll from an old Czech lady (the same one I bought coin purses from a few years ago!). I love handmade stuff and I love collecting dolls from other countries, so I was happy :)

We had to rush back to the train station since the trains were all sold out except for the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow one. Figures! So a 3 hour trip ended up taking almost 6 hours. We crammed into a tiny compartment in a boiling hot train and sweated in misery for hours since our compartment was the ONLY one whose window wouldn't open. When the compartment next to ours emptied, we raced over to claim it and then the journey was much nicer :)

Six hours later we arrived back in Bavaria, said bye to the cadet (who was still grinning from his awesome weekend) and cuddled up in our own bed. Nice weekend :)

one more picture...

this is the German word for "Emergency Exit", except I always think "NOT an exit" whenever I see it... :P Three times living in Germany and I'm STILL making that mistake.

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