Monday, August 27, 2012

New friends

This past weekend we decided to stay home and have a chill weekend. Fionn worked VERY hard all week, so we had a fun time sleeping late and spending time together.

My friend Amanda emailed me last week and told me she'd met another couple our age who also don't have kids. This is such an oddity around these parts I agreed we had to make friends with them and bring her into the fold.

We had originally planned to just meet up with her, but then Amanda suggested we have a dinner party and invite the husbands too. So, Saturday night we all converged on Sam and Amanda's house. The girls made Mexican and the guys made small talk :)

The new couple, Carly and David, were so nice! Everyone got along really well and the food was great (as well as the mojitos!). We had dinner and then played this funny card game where you write a word, pass the card, the next person draws a picture of the word, passes it, next person writes a word, etc etc until you get your original cards back and see how far the end result was from your original word. It's like if Telephone and Pictionary had a baby :) we laughed a lot playing that and Fionn revealed his artsy skills :)

After that we just sat around and talked. Both Amanda and Carly have lived in Georgia at one of the Army bases there, and I'm always down to talk about my lovely home state! The guys mostly talked about work, but it was all good. It was really nice to hang out with other couples, and I hope we see more of Carly and David. Amanda and I could use another wife our age around here!

We had a pretty lazy Sunday, and since the weather was so nice we decided to be good Germans and go for a walk. I swear, Sunday is Walking Day in Germany-everyone is out wandering through the woods.

We got a little lost (ok, Fionn says we were NOT lost but I thought we were!) but it was fun to walk through the forest just the two of us. I love the German landscape-sometimes it looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Other than that, it was a nice quiet weekend. New friends, tasty Mexican food, exploring the forest...nice way to recharge your batteries after a long week!

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