Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life Update

Alright, so I know a lot of my updates are weekend recaps, but this is a life blog, not a travel blog, so I wanted to talk a little about what's going on in our day to day!

Don't fall asleep! ;)

Since we've been back, things have been a little more stressful than usual. Fionn took over a new platoon, and rather than it being a regular platoon, it's one that supports the others in all their missions-so when the others get to rotate and have a break, he doesn't since there's still another platoon to support. It's a lot of extra work which means he's working later and gone a lot, so we've really been trying to enjoy our weekend time together. Luckily he gets along well with his NCOs (non commissioned officers, for all the non military people out there!) so that makes it easier at least. I just hope things calm down soon.

I've been trying to get out and meet people, so last week I made a commitment to go to some kind of meeting or club or event every day during the week. It ended up being really fun and helped me to meet some people, so I'm doing something similar this week.

I've joined a German Conversation Class, which I really really like. The teacher is from the region and has been helping me improve my Bayerische dialect, and it's been great to revisit grammar lessons that have been gathering dust in my brain. The other students are contractors that work on post and they all speak decent German, so the class moves quickly and you learn a lot rather than rehashing the basics. I really enjoy it-I only wish it was longer. The best part? It's free!

Last week I took a polymer clay class which was really fun, and it was cool to meet some other women and just have fun and talk. I'm going back this week for part 2.

I've been spending time with my new friend whose husband works with Fionn. We went shopping last week while the guys were gone and had dinner at a Thai place in Regensburg. It's nice to have a girl friend to chat with. The military ball is coming up and since she is a more experienced Army wife we've been shopping together and she's been giving me pointers on what to wear. I found this really pretty deep purple one shoulder dress online. I took a chance and ordered it, so I'll let you know how it turns out.

Still looking for a job, but the pickings remain slim, so I'm staying positive and focusing my attention on other things. Fionn got a surprise 4 day weekend next week and another in a few weeks so we've been trying to plan a getaway somewhere cool-maybe Italy? Or Portugal? I really want to go somewhere warm and pretty!

by the way, the wedding pictures are here so I'll be doing some wedding recaps once I get all of the pics :) oh, and trip to America post is coming, I promise! :)

lots of love from Bayern! <3

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