Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Auer Dult in München

The weekend before last Fionn and I were sitting around on Friday night wondering what to do with our weekend. We'd spent the last 2 weekends at home and we were bored. We thought about going to Plzen in the Czech Republic, or Neuschwanstein Castle, or the Bodensee, but we also didn't feel like hours of train riding or driving.

So, Google to the rescue! I found out about a big antiques/random stuff market + carnival type thing in Munich called Auer Dult. It's considered the largest crockery market in Europe, but they also have antiques, vintage dirndls and lederhosen, modern gadgetry, etc. Dult means "festival" and "Au" means "Field" named after the grassy field nearby. It happens 3 times a year and is a very typical Bavarian thing-not super touristy or crazy.

Having nothing else to do, we thought-why not! and hopped on the train.

We had a good time, but to be honest it wasn't much to write home about. We meandered through the stalls, ate a Germknodel and sausages in bread rolls, and had a good time looking. There were a lot of cool vintage dirndls and lederhosen but nothing that we fell in love with. The antiques were cool since it was all old Bavarian stuff. If I were an antiques dealer I would've been in hog heaven, but for now I had fun just looking.

We stayed a few hours but headed back earlier than we planned due to a big thunderstorm. So now we can cross Auer Dult off our list of "Bavarian Must Sees!"

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