Friday, July 27, 2012


the essence of being a student in Marburg- 3€ yufka chicken

Last week I made plans to meet up with one of my best friends from my study abroad in Marburg. If you followed my Marburg blog, you probably remember Kalli, my fellow Southern girl from New Orleans and our resident photog. She fell in love with an awesome German guy while we were living in Marburg and they're still going strong. They are absolutely adorable together and when I heard she was in Germany visiting him, I started pestering her to meet up with me. We decided to meet up in Marburg (fitting, right?) and spent 3 days there exploring our old haunts, meeting old friends, and eating tons of Lecker Eck's yufka chicken. It was really fun and really lifted my spirits.

the stairs leading up to Marburg's castle, with a quote from the Brothers Grimm about how Marburg has more stairs in the streets than in the houses. Marburg is built on a hill, so everything is UP!

Kallilein herself

No trip to Marburg is complete without eating Auflauf, especially from one of our favorite cafes called Paprika. Auflauf is pretty standard fare for Germans (a bit like casserole) but it's super popular in Marburg. Basically it's noodles or rice in a cream sauce or tomato-cream sauce, add vegetables, meat, or whatever, cover it in cheese and bake until it's golden brown. Hard to resist, even for a lactose intolerant girl like me :) Kalli's auflauf is in the background, mine isn't true auflauf, just the milder cousin.

While in Marburg we met up with some German friends and went out with them for drinks one night. It was really fun and after a while the conversation turned to German instead of English and I made an amazing discovery-I can speak German! All these months in Bavaria I have really struggled with the dialect and I started thinking, huh, maybe my German isn't that good after all. But ten minutes into a conversation with a dialect from Hessen-I was getting every word and even chiming in. It was so vindicating. I enjoyed all my German interactions as I wandered through Marburg and then Frankfurt and even on the train-up until I got off at Nürnberg and couldn't understand anyone anymore haha. So, time to brush up on my Bayerische... ;)

locks with the initials of couples

lovely view of Marburg from the castle

Our last day we wandered around a little more, visited the cute pottery shop in Marburg, and met with "Papa" Raphael for lunch-he was our German student liason who was a LIFESAVER when we lived in Marburg as students. He was amazing and is an all around great guy. He was older than all of us, so we jokingly called him Papa since we were always treating him as the authority on all things :) We capped it off with a trip to the beautiful Elisabethkirche (or E-kirche, as Marburgers call it), which is a wonderful example of a Gothic cathedral.

Anyway, Marburg was great. It was so nice to catch up with Kalli and I realized how much I missed her and her sense of humor. I was really sad to say goodbye at the train station, especially knowing she's headed back Stateside soon. Marburg is so bittersweet for me-so many great memories but a lot of ghosts there too. I always love going back there though, it feels like home in a way.

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