Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trip to Turkey Part 4

Thursday the nice weather was back! We were kind of running out of things to do in Istanbul, so we decided to try a boat tour of the Bosphorus. It was a pretty sweet deal at 10 TL a person (around $6) so we hopped on, got a seat, and watched the world float by. It was a lovely day and nice scenery, plus we found the castle ruins we'd been looking for the day before. It was actually way farther than we thought...

Once back on shore we saw these funny boats bobbing up and down with the waves. Then we realized they were floating kitchens making fish sandwiches! Fionn was adventurous, so he went and got one. I had a bite. It wasn't bad but needed some seasoning or something. We sat in the sun for a while before the nearby Spice Market lured us in with its good smells. We had lunch and some homemade ice cream (it kind of tasted like sweet cheese, but was good) and then wandered around the local nieghborhood.

the essence of Turkey...tea :)

We saw a travel agency advertising trips to Troy and Ephseus and we stopped to look. The owner came over and convinced us to come inside. He crunched a few numbers, came up with a pretty reasonable price for a two day, one night trip to Ephesus and Pammukale, and we decided to go for it. After all, tax refund just came in :) We stopped to try some Turkish pudding we kept seeing in all the bakeries (we got chocolate and pistachio), and then looked into seeing some whirling dervishes later that night. The travel agency guy said that tonight was a Turkish dancing show instead and that it was better since the dervishes were "really boring and just spin around for an hour". It ended up being a really cool local event showing bellydancing, Ottoman dancing, and traditional Turkish dancing from around Turkey. Lots of costumes, great live music, interesting dancing, it was a really great show. It was held in an old Turkish bath and run by the Hodjapasha Cultural Center. Even Fionn liked it, and I thought he'd be dragging his feet to a dancing show :) Sorry for the blurry pictures by the way, they moved too fast!

isn't he handsome? :)

oh, while we were out i found some awesome shoes... :)

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