Monday, April 16, 2012

Trip to Turkey Part 3

Wednesday was cold, but not rainy (thankfully). We decided to walk over to the Dolmabahçe Palace, where the Ottoman sultans lived during the end of the empire, so from the mid 1800s til WWI. It was interesting place-very much in the style of contemporary Europeans at the time, but with lots of Turkish influence. To go inside you had to wear covers over your shoes and no photos were allowed inside. That's too bad, because it was so pretty inside. Really gorgeous chandliers and stuff, especially in the Ceremonial Hall :) Luckily outside pictures were ok, which was nice since it's right on the Bosphorus!
also, lots of cats and kittens, but that's everywhere in Istanbul. :)

After looking inside we saw the adjacent gardens and saw the peacocks and other birds there. We kept walking, trying to find the ruins of this old castle/fort on the Bosphorus. We followed some Turkish signs through a garden, hoping that would be it, but instead stumbled upon the Yıldız Palace, where the Sultan's visitors stayed. There was a tour but we were the only non-Turkish people so it was all in Turkish. That was funny. The guide was very nice and would give us a quick recap in English while the rest of the group looked around. Very pretty place.

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