Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm not sure why blogger is being so screwy with these Trip to Turkey posts. Now they're all out of order and some aren't even showing up! Sorry everyone, I'm trying to get it sorted out once and for all.

Since coming back life has been pretty much back to normal. The weather has gone back to the chilly 50s and rainy (does it ever stay warm here?) and there's been a lot to do in terms of sorting through all the post-travel to do list. All the unpacking and laundry is finally done-that took a ridiculous amount of time since German washing machine cycles last an hour and a half to two hours if you use warm water, so it becomes an all day event. Not to mention they're smaller so you have to split it up over more loads. ah, gotta love laundry day! :P

After over a week of sleeping in new beds and walking everywhere and go go go it's been kind of nice to be back in my own space and relax. It was nice to have my kitchen again and cook my own food. I played the harp and the fiddle and drove to the town to go grocery shopping and it was nice to see familiar German brands after a week of not being able to read anything in Turkish.

Yesterday I had a harp lesson with the daughter of a woman I met at the Wives' Club. She was really cute and shy but we got her to play a few notes. She's 5 but she's already had music training so she could find the C and start picking out songs from there. I think she's still too little to play but still, I'm excited to share my love for the harp with someone else.

Thursday I'm off to explore the nearby city. I'm meeting a friend for lunch and then I'll probably look around for things I can't find in our village. It's so great having a car :)

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