Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend recap

Is it Monday already? It feels like the weekend just flew by.

We had a pretty nice weekend, though it was way too short. Saturday Fionn and I went to Nürnberg for the Easter Market. It was a beautiful day and there were red and white striped stalls lining the streets. It was more of a Spring Market than an Easter market, but there were a few Easter decoration vendors around to make it feel Eastery. The market consisted of flower stands, fruit and veggie vendors, household goods vendors (for all your spring cleaning and kitchen updating needs), as well as the obligatory food vendors selling sugared almonds, gingerbread hearts, sausages on brötchen with scharf senf, and gelato. They also had some pottery and other handmade goods stalls, which I had fun looking at. They had some really pretty and colorful pottery and I was trying to imagine how'd I'd fit it all in my tiny kitchen. In the end we just looked but didn't buy anything. It was still fun and it was such a nice day to be out. We stopped for some gelato, did some shopping, and caught the train home. I'd been pestering him about going to see the Hunger Games, and there was one theater in Nürnberg showing the English version that night, but it was all sold out. Bummer :( Why would you only have like 1 showing of the Original Version?? There's gotta be other English speaking expats or Germans who want to see it in English and not the crappy German dubbed version. Anyways...end of my rant. I'll try again next weekend!

I was pretty tired when we got back and didn't feel much like cooking, so Fionn went and picked up a huge calzone from the little restaurant in our village (he's a sweety). We don't eat out very much when we're home, so it was kind of fun to have our calzone and enjoy a Hefeweizen and watch a movie together. Felt kinda Saturday date night-y. :)

Sunday was a pretty cool day since I got baptized! :) I was baptized as a baby but I felt that it would be more meaningful to be baptized as an adult. I mean, babies can't make that kind of decision and a baptism is a public confession of faith, which to me was something I should choose to do as an adult. It was something I'd always wanted to do but hadn't put much thought into, until a conversation about it with Fionn made me more motivated to actually do it. So when the opportunity arose, I took it :)

It was a nice day, our church is small but it makes it very close knit. We had the baptism ceremony for me and 4 others after the regular Sunday service, and I was surprised to see nearly the entire congregation had come to watch us get baptized. Even the kids were excited about it. It was a very happy moment and a lot of people came to me afterward to hug me and congratulate me (even though I was all dripping wet haha). It was a good feeling to have finally done it, and I'm glad Fionn was there for it.

It was such a beautiful Sunday and I was so glad we got to spend it with each other. We had a few boring errands to run, but somehow I always have fun with him even when we're doing mundane things like grocery shopping. :) We had a nice lazy Sunday and I made curry for dinner. I tried making naan (since we love Indian food, especially naan!) but it was an epic fail. I was short on time so I used a no yeast recipe, but maybe next time I'll suck it up and try the yeast one. The end product was tasty and very pretty, kinda like garlic flatbread, but a FAR cry from the thin, bubbly naan I was shooting for. Still, we ate them anyway and decided to keep the recipe to make pizza dough with :)

last but not least, I got to talk to my awesome mom and brother yesterday on the phone after my mom had picked my brother up from the airport. They are too funny and had me laughing so hard Fionn was giving me confused looks from across the room. It really made my day getting to talk to them and I'm hoping a skype date is in the works soon so I can see Pappie too and talk to all of them. Ain't Skype great? :)

that was the weekend! too bad monday came so quickly!

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