Thursday, March 1, 2012

Landlord visit...

so the landlord and his son in law came by the past two days to try to figure out what's making our wall all squishy. He ended up tearing up part of the wall in the closet-room. There's no other way to describe this's tiny and narrow and not very deep, with a tiny sunlight and no radiator. Not big enough to be a room but too big to be a we stash all of Fionn's work stuff in there. We wanted to put our US fridge in there but the fridge was too big to fit through the door frame (since it's a huge Amuurican appliance and all haha). Back when we were dating Fionn used to hide trash and random things in there that didn't have a place when he was cleaning before I came over so it was affectionately nicknamed "the trash room".

Once Landlord had gotten a huge hole in the wall he got down to investigating the cause of le squishy wall. Well that ended up being a big mystery. It was definitely NOT the shower, it didn't seem to be coming from the roof, and there was no additional leaky pipe. And yet there was lots of moisture. Son in law came over, there was a lot of German-ing back and forth as they tried to figure it out. They were both very friendly though and tried to take time to explain to me what was going on. I tried listening in on them but I swear, that Bavarian accent is not doing me any favors :P

One funny thing was when he came up to me (at 10:30 am, after having been there about 30 minutes) and asked if I minded if he got a beer while he was working. I didn't have a problem with him and told him I didn't mind at all, but I had to laugh at such a cultural difference. Germans: totally normal to drink a beer at 10:30 while you're smashing up walls. haha I love them.

Today he was back to fix one of the bathroom tiles he accidentally broke and to put a ventilated cover over the hole. He's going to let it dry out and come back in a few weeks to repair the hole and the wall. We have such a nice Landlord! :) Though I was glad when he wrapped up and I had the house to myself again.

He and his wife are really nice people. He kept apologizing for the mess though I assured him Fionn and I could survive with an ugly wall for a week or two. He even tried cleaning some dirt in the living room and I'm like no, Fionn tracked that in this weekend, not you! Quit being so nice haha. Thankful to have such nice people :)

It's really cool too, since he built this whole house himself! He was explaining to me how he built everything and fixes just about everything too (with a little help from his sons in law). That's a pretty cool bragging right in my book.

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