Sunday, March 18, 2012

off to Marburg

Fionn is still gone, but thankfully he comes back this weekend! I feel like such a baby that I'm missing him so much after just 2 weeks, but the house is so empty and quiet and I just can't wait to have him back.

oh, as a disclaimer, I did take pictures pertaining to this weekend but i can't find the cord at the moment and I'm too lazy to look right now. But I'll get them eventually! :)

Last week was boring, not really worth recapping. This weekend I went to Marburg. I have a German friend that I met when I studied in Marburg and we've kept in touch ever since. She's soon to be married to a guy from Texas, and since he's in Germany (for their wedding!) we made plans to meet in Marburg and catch up.

Friday I headed to Marburg, where I met my friend Steph and her fiance, Chance. I dropped my stuff off at the hostel in Marburg, and we headed to the Altstadt for some dinner. Even after dark it was beautiful weather so we went into the old city to find some outdoor cafés and have some drinks and conversation. It was a really nice night and fun to catch up with them. A little while later my Brazilian friend Livio met us. We hung out with him for a while, met some of his friends, but he was planning on going to this club called Unix. As seasoned Marburgers, Steph and I knew Unix and weren't too interested in going. It's always crowded, overpriced and the music sucks. I was sorry to say bye to Livio, but I've been to Unix enough times to pass on it! ;)

The next morning I woke up and had some breakfast in the hostel. It was typical German fare-brötchen (crusty bread rolls) with meat, cheese, nutella, or jam, some sliced fruit, and müsli. I don't have a problem with German breakfast, but it's definitely one of those things I would never crave. I'm just too American with my breakfast, especially on a weekend. Cold cuts and hard bread just doesn't make my skirt fly up, y'know?

After breakfast I went back up to my room to get my stuff together. I was staying in a womens' dorm with 6 beds, but there was only one other woman there. I hadn't seen her yet (I was asleep when she got up) but I was still a little surprised to see a woman in her 60s waltz in and start chattering away at me in German, introducing herself as Helga from Berlin and asking me where I was from. When I replied I was from America she was pretty surprised and very curious to know why I was in Marburg of all places. We ended up talking for a while-she was in Marburg to pick up a car she'd bought on Ebay and I told her I was just in Marburg for old times' sake. It was fun talking to her though, she was funny.

I checked out of the hostel and walked around Marburg. The weather was absolutely beautiful and since the hostel is located right on the river I got a nice scenic view as i made my way to the old city. There are so many memories in Marburg-it was kind of weird to walk around all these places where I had spent so much time and not run into my old friends. It's crazy to think so much time has passed since then.

I walked into the old city and looked through some street markets around Elisabethkirche. Then I stopped to buy a ceramic Easter egg from the ceramics store in Marburg. This region is famous for its pottery and this particular store has been run by the same family for hundreds of years. You can visit their website here! I'd been there before and since the family runs it, they're super friendly and helpful. It was hard to only buy one thing when everything is so cute and handmade and you're supporting a centuries old tradition.

anyway, after a quick stop there, I just kind of meandered around the old city. I stopped for lunch at Lecker Eck, a döner place that my friends and I used to walk miles for no matter the weather. The weather was gorgeous, and there were a lot of people walking around, street musicians, and sunny spots to sit and enjoy everything.

It was St. Patrick's Day, which kind of bummed me out since it's such a huge deal back home and so non existent here in Germany. How random then that I ran into a guy playing the harp on the street. I talked with him for a bit before moving on. That brightened my day to hear some good Irish music.

A little after lunchtime I was starting to get a headache that wouldn't go away. I had planned on hanging out with Livio again and maybe spending a second night but I was a little tired of traveling and decided to go home instead. In some ways, being in Marburg with so many memories and ghosts was a little sad. Maybe if more of my friends had been there it would've been ok, but just walking around and feeling their absence kind of put me in a sad mood.

Getting home took ages since I had the bad luck to pick the most connections EVER. Oops. Funny thing happened-once in Nürnberg I took the S Bahn to catch a regional train home, and on the S-Bahn I ended up talking to a group of exchange students. We were also on the same regional train so I talked to them for a while. They reminded me so much of my friends in France. I ended up speaking German then English and even French with the one French kid in the group. It was fun. Ah, study abroad was a such a great time.

Anyway, pretty soon it was my stop so I said goodbye and headed home to our quiet house. I'm so ready for Fionn to be back! This big empty house is just too lonely with just me in it!

Since today was so nice out I stopped to buy some hyacinths after church just to spring-ify the house a little. All this warm weather and sunshine and greenery put me in such a good mood. Winter is OVER and I couldn't be happier! :) I also potted some of my herbs and I'm hoping with some Miracle Gro and a little love I'll have a real herb garden before long.

It's getting close to Easter so I also made a little Easter basket and put my Marburg egg and a cloth bunny in there. That inspired me to try dying some easter eggs with stuff I had around the house-I mean, it's just me so why waste money on buying the kit? I'll save that for when there's a little Repiet running around ;) I dyed two blown out eggs with turmeric and ate the insides as an omlette while I waited. they're still dying as we speak, trying to get them nice and yellow. I just thought it'd be pretty in the basket, and our house needs a little sprucing up for spring, after all.

haha i always get so crafty when i get bored...i'll let you know how they turn out!

so yep. that's my weekend. how was yours?

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