Monday, March 5, 2012


We went to Frankfurt this weekend! But before I tell you about that, lemme just mention the crazy weather that we've been having. Friday the weather was gorgeous. I mean, absolutely wonderful. It had warmed up so much that you could get away with a sweater or light jacket when you went outside, it was sunny and lovely-I even opened all the windows in the house and even turned off the heaters. I know, I know. HUGE.

So off we went to Frankfurt for the weekend! Fun was had. Then cut to this morning when I wake up to...

SNOW. Lots and lots of snow. Huge, fat flurries and winter wonderland. I mean, what the heck?? It's March! There was sunshine and coatless walking just a few days ago! What gives?

At least it has stopped. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it'll melt soon enough. Nyah. I knew getting excited about sunshine would jinx it...

Well anyway, on to Frankfurt. We went to Frankfurt to meet Fionn's best friend, Zane. He lives in the area and they had been trying to set something up for a while and luckily this weekend worked. I was excited to get to meet him-I'd heard so much about him, and I was happy to meet someone who is such a big figure in the life of someone I love very much. So off we went to Frankfurt.

We left Bavaria super early so we could get to Frankfurt before lunch. It only takes a little over 3 hours to get there, which isn't too bad. We decided to meet up at Hauptwache, this big shopping district in Frankfurt. Fionn and I stopped for some Korean food (my dad would be so proud) and then walked around and looked in a few stores before finally meeting up with Zane.

He was such a nice guy! They were so funny together too, they're so alike it's no wonder they're best friends. He was really easy to talk to and has a lot of funny stories so even though I couldn't add too much to their catching up conversation it was fun just listening to them. We walked around a market and tried some Apfelwein (apple wine, a specialty of Hessen) and some typical market food like kartoffellpuffer (potato pancakes). Since Marburg is also in Hessen being in Frankfurt brought back a lot of memories of my time there...I kept feeling like I could turn around and expect to see one of my friends from Marburg behind me. Can't believe that was over a year ago!

We walked around Frankfurt, visiting some of the sites...

we didn't have much of a plan, just kind of wandering around and stopping at whatever looked interesting. Then we ran into the Occupy Frankfurt people. They're camped out in front of one of the banks in the financial center. It wasn't very big, and honestly, it looked like a shantytown, or maybe what some kind of post apocalyptic movie might make the survivors settlement look like. A group of old ratty tents set up together, with various signs with handwritten slogans in German and English posted outside, trash all over the street, a giant teepee, and a pervading smell of pot. I didn't really have any expectations for the whole Occupy thing-to be honest, I had forgotten that Frankfurt even had an Occupy movement. But there was really nothing going on. No protests, no movement, no action at all. Just people smoking or talking in their tents or one random guy dancing around. And a lot of tourists wandering through their shantytown and looking kind of confused. It was boring.

the sign outside the Occupy Frankfurt square. It says, "You're now entering a non Capitalist zone" or something like that and there's a cut out board you can take pictures with. Serious stuff :P

We headed back to the hostel for a nap since we were all tired, then met up a while later to explore the city by night. We found a pretty cool Thai place and then went to an Irish pub (they had a session on Sundays, boo we missed it) and a German bar for some Hefeweizen. It was a fun night, and very chill.

Sunday morning we found a breakfast place for a typical German breakfast (and the guys laughed about how German breakfast is basically paying to assemble your own sandwich, which is pretty true). We all talked about our homesickness for a good American breakfast place, like a diner or something. Somewhere you could go and have lots of coffee and eggs and bacon and pancakes and all the usual stuff. I miss that too. I mean, brötchen is great and everything, but sometimes you just want something from home. Especially on Sundays, which is a great day for a nice, long breakfast.

Anyway, the breakfast was still good and the waitress was funny. We walked around a little longer but pretty soon we all had to catch trains so we said bye to Zane and headed back south. I hope we get to see him again, he and Fionn have such a good time together and I thought he was really nice (and since he's from my home state he agrees with me on how awesome Chick fil a is and that warm weather is infinitely superior to cold, so he's alright in my book haha).

It was a nice weekend :) Now if the snow would just melt! Fionn leaves for his training soon, I'm trying not to think about it too much since I know I'll miss him a lot while he's gone. Just gotta find something to do to stay busy til he gets back!

aww :)

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