Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Fionn is gone for most of the month for his job, which has been an adjustment after getting used to being together so much. The empty house was really starting to get to me, so I asked my friend Chelsea if I could come up and see her in Berlin. Being the awesome person that she is, she agreed and let me crash at her place for the weekend.

I was really excited to go to Berlin. I had such a great time living there, and I have a lot of friends still living there. I mean, I love Marburg too, but going back is always sad because all of my friends were exchange students like me, and there's hardly anyone left. But Berlin is always fun, not to mention there are a million cool things to do there.

The 5 hour train ride up there went surprisingly fast, mostly because I had prepared with books and snacks and things to do. Sometimes I marvel at the fact that Fionn and I took turns taking the 5 hour train between Berlin and Bavaria back and forth every weekend just to see each other. The crazy things you do when you're in love :)

I met up with Chelsea and we hung out for a little while in her cute apartment. It's so cozy and peaceful and in a really cute residential neighborhood. She's working as an au pair, so I met the family she works for as well. They were very nice.

I called German Peter on the way up and agreed to meet him and his friends at a bar in Prenzlauerberg. It was really crowded when we walked in, but I remembered that in the bar's basement they have a bunch of foosball tables. German Peter and Tommy love foosball, so it wasn't too hard to find them, even with all the people. Chelsea had met them once before and they are always so friendly so we had a good time. I love when that happens-like when you mesh two friend groups and everyone gets along. :)

Our friend Susi was also there. I met her in Berlin last summer but now she lives in Bavaria too, about an hour and a half away from me. It was nice to catch up with her. I even got to speak some German since Susi said we ought to practice. It was nice since even though I speak German where I live I don't really talk a lot in German-I don't have to explain things or talk in complicated sentences, so talking to Susi was good practice. Peter came over and she got on to him about not speaking to me in German but we both agreed it is weird when we speak German together since when we met our "friend language" was always English. Peter said it would be easier to talk to Chelsea in German since he didn't know her that well, but switching to German with me would just be weird. So we stuck to English ;)

We had planned on not staying out late, but pretty soon it was 2:45 and we were still sitting around talking (mostly teaching Peter and Tommy American slang, like always). Peter and Chelsea had to get up the next day, so we decided to leave the group, grab a döner, and head home. While eating döner, Peter gave us a cultural lesson (I love when he does that) about how when you say "döner mit alles" it's incorrect since proper German grammar would make it "döner mit allem" but when döner first became popular a lot of Turkish immigrants made the mistake and now it's just considered normal to say it wrong. I can feel for the Turkish immigrants, I can never remember the proper endings either...

We ran into Susi while getting our döner, then back home much later than we expected haha. But it was such a fun night, just talking with friends and learning new German words and playing foosball. Too fun to go home early :)

Saturday Chelsea had to watch the kids for a few hours, so I came over and helped her out. Then we hung out and talked about girly stuff-which was great for both of us since neither one of us has an American girlfriend our own age to talk to. I mentioned I've never been to IKEA, so she proposed we go and check it out. I gotta say, I was smitten. I bought a few little things for the apartment, I felt so European haha.

We met her friend Marlon for dinner after IKEA. He's from Virginia, so I thought we should check out the burrito place Fionn and I found a few weeks ago. They were really good burritos and reminded us of home. We all laughed and said for a second we forgot we were in Germany and almost thought we were in America again. That was-until bumping techno came over the speakers and I found some rucola in the salad haha...you can't escape Germany so easily. Still, awesome burritos and lots of fun hanging out with Marlon.

Sunday Chelsea and I went to church. We had lunch with the family she au pairs and then met up with her German friend for some shopping. Since there was a tourism fair in Berlin last weekend, a lot of the stores were open on Sunday. It was crazy out there, mostly since it was such a rare occurrence. We went shopping near my old apartment, so I knew the area pretty well. I found some really cute shoes and debated on buying some cute tights but wasn't sure in the end. Can I still wear pink tights? :P

After shopping we went over to Peter and Robert's apartment to watch this famous German crime show. It's really popular in Germany and a new one premiers every Sunday night. Every week is a different city with a different crime (kind of like Law and Order, but the cities switch). The main cast is the same in every city but the suspects, victims, etc are new. Tommy came over too, so me, Peter, Robert, Chelsea, and Tommy all sat down to watch it. It was kind of hard for me to understand-first off my German isn't fluent and second there were so many plot twists it was hard to keep up and third I kept having to ask what words meant. But it was still fun. Afterwards we ended up talking about politics (bleh) and societal problems but luckily the conversation wasn't all like that and we soon turned to funnier topics (like autotune the news and teaching the German guys new slang words).

Monday I went back home...it was so hard to leave after having so much fun. But I had to be at home to sign for a package (laaaaaaaame) and Fionn had a free day so I could go and see him (yay!). We've only been a week apart, but it was really nice to see him for a little bit and a good excuse to practice driving around Germany. Now I'm back at home, hoping this week goes by fast. I'm going to Marburg this weekend to see some friends, so that's good.

Anyway, that was my weekend! I love Berlin :)

Also, sorry for no pictures, my camera died..

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