Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend recap

Is it Monday already? It feels like the weekend just flew by.

We had a pretty nice weekend, though it was way too short. Saturday Fionn and I went to Nürnberg for the Easter Market. It was a beautiful day and there were red and white striped stalls lining the streets. It was more of a Spring Market than an Easter market, but there were a few Easter decoration vendors around to make it feel Eastery. The market consisted of flower stands, fruit and veggie vendors, household goods vendors (for all your spring cleaning and kitchen updating needs), as well as the obligatory food vendors selling sugared almonds, gingerbread hearts, sausages on brötchen with scharf senf, and gelato. They also had some pottery and other handmade goods stalls, which I had fun looking at. They had some really pretty and colorful pottery and I was trying to imagine how'd I'd fit it all in my tiny kitchen. In the end we just looked but didn't buy anything. It was still fun and it was such a nice day to be out. We stopped for some gelato, did some shopping, and caught the train home. I'd been pestering him about going to see the Hunger Games, and there was one theater in Nürnberg showing the English version that night, but it was all sold out. Bummer :( Why would you only have like 1 showing of the Original Version?? There's gotta be other English speaking expats or Germans who want to see it in English and not the crappy German dubbed version. Anyways...end of my rant. I'll try again next weekend!

I was pretty tired when we got back and didn't feel much like cooking, so Fionn went and picked up a huge calzone from the little restaurant in our village (he's a sweety). We don't eat out very much when we're home, so it was kind of fun to have our calzone and enjoy a Hefeweizen and watch a movie together. Felt kinda Saturday date night-y. :)

Sunday was a pretty cool day since I got baptized! :) I was baptized as a baby but I felt that it would be more meaningful to be baptized as an adult. I mean, babies can't make that kind of decision and a baptism is a public confession of faith, which to me was something I should choose to do as an adult. It was something I'd always wanted to do but hadn't put much thought into, until a conversation about it with Fionn made me more motivated to actually do it. So when the opportunity arose, I took it :)

It was a nice day, our church is small but it makes it very close knit. We had the baptism ceremony for me and 4 others after the regular Sunday service, and I was surprised to see nearly the entire congregation had come to watch us get baptized. Even the kids were excited about it. It was a very happy moment and a lot of people came to me afterward to hug me and congratulate me (even though I was all dripping wet haha). It was a good feeling to have finally done it, and I'm glad Fionn was there for it.

It was such a beautiful Sunday and I was so glad we got to spend it with each other. We had a few boring errands to run, but somehow I always have fun with him even when we're doing mundane things like grocery shopping. :) We had a nice lazy Sunday and I made curry for dinner. I tried making naan (since we love Indian food, especially naan!) but it was an epic fail. I was short on time so I used a no yeast recipe, but maybe next time I'll suck it up and try the yeast one. The end product was tasty and very pretty, kinda like garlic flatbread, but a FAR cry from the thin, bubbly naan I was shooting for. Still, we ate them anyway and decided to keep the recipe to make pizza dough with :)

last but not least, I got to talk to my awesome mom and brother yesterday on the phone after my mom had picked my brother up from the airport. They are too funny and had me laughing so hard Fionn was giving me confused looks from across the room. It really made my day getting to talk to them and I'm hoping a skype date is in the works soon so I can see Pappie too and talk to all of them. Ain't Skype great? :)

that was the weekend! too bad monday came so quickly!

Friday, March 23, 2012

feeling thankful

Today has been such a great day. Fionn keeps laughing at what an effect sunshine and warm weather has on me, I pretty much bounced out of bed and haven't stopped skipping around and singing since. But honestly, it's SO beautiful and it's the start of spring and it just puts me in the best mood.

Plus...he's home! :) It's so nice having him back! This past month I slipped back into my old habits of when I used to live by myself...y'know, throwing clothes wherever, only buying lactose free milk, lots of girly snacks in the pantry, my weird music blasting (probably driving our neighbors crazy), and of course, eating crunchy foods as loud as I please (does anyone else get self conscious about that?). But, as exciting as such things sound, they're no match for having my sweet husband back in the house. Our dining room is currently a mess of all his half unpacked stuff from his training, but I don't care. It's just a physical reminder that he's back (and I'll admit, I missed seeing his shoes by the front door!)

Today's a good day and it makes me thankful. Thankful for Fionn, thankful for my awesome family (both old and recently acquired!), thankful for my friends, thankful for my experiences and opportunities and this great chance to live in Germany for a little while. I'm thankful for all sorts of little things, like our awesome dinner tonight that turned out great even though I nearly burnt it to a crisp (walked in just in time to save it!), our cute little apartment that gets more home-y every day, the friends I've gotten to spend time with here in Germany. I just feel blessed and loved and thankful and happy that God is working in my life the way He is. I'm just full of happy tonight.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

new project!

He comes home today! :) Yay!

At least while he's been gone I've been pretty productive. I finished up this little peacock sampler today (pattern by Sublime Stitching) and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. It's too cute and colorful to just stick in a box.

This is the product of the last two days. I mostly worked on it at night (which is silly, since the light is terrible at night when I have such perfect natural light in the house all day) but it was nice and relaxing to do this before bed while half watching some lame tv show or movie.

Cute right? I'm so excited he's coming home today. I know it's only been a few weeks, but I still missed him.

Only a few more hours. Ugh, why is time so slooooow?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has sprung in Bavaria!

and it is LOVELY!

I am just loving this spring weather. It just makes me so happy. No more coats, no more shivering, no more huddling by the heater...instead there's sunshine and open windows and nice breezes and flowers and more hours of sunlight and I love it! :)

Since it's not always nice weather, I feel like Germans make the most of it better than people in ever-warm climates do. As soon as the sun comes out, they're outside, planting, grilling, relaxing, drinking. They're ready for spring as soon as it appears.

I've especially noticed the flowers for sale that are popping up everywhere. In one week, every shop (even the Commissary!) is putting out pallet upon pallet of beautiful, sweet smelling spring flowers, and there's always a crowd of German women with baskets full of flowers to plant. When I was in Marburg I loved the daffodils and hyacinths for sale but I worried about crushing them on the train ride back to Bavaria. So, first chance I got back home I went and bought some purple hyacinths to decorate the table. Then I bought some pansies..and now I'm trying to control myself and not go crazy so Fionn ends up coming home to a jungle. Hehe. :)

of course, with spring comes Easter, and there's been lots of Easter decorating all around. I made a little Easter basket with my ceramic Marburg egg, a chocolate egg, and 2 turmeric dyed eggs I made here at home. One has "2012" written on it and the other says "Frohe Ostern von Fionn und Shannon" which is "Happy Easter from Shannon and Fionn" in German. In keeping with the true meaning of Easter, there's also a card that says, 'Happy Easter: Our Lord is Risen!' It kinda brightens up the table, I think.

All up and down the street the Germans are decorating their trees outside with Easter eggs, which gives it a really colorful, cheerful look. I think it's a really cute idea.

On post there's been a lot of decorating too since one of the units is coming back from deployment. Things are buzzing as people put up ribbons and welcome home signs and everywhere you go you hear their wives talking about how excited they are. I feel really happy for them, I can't imagine how tough it must have been for them all this time. Definitely not an experience I'm looking forward to.

Speaking of being apart, my own handsome husband is coming home this week! Even though it's only been a few weeks, I'm glad it's over. I've really missed him!

Switching topics, I've recently picked up a new hobby that I really love. Embroidery! Now before you turn your nose up, give it a chance. It's actually really easy, really relaxing, really cheap, and really portable. What's not to love? My mom used to do needlepoint and cross stitch (along with other cool things like that, she's so talented) and I was always so fascinated by all the stuff she was able to create. Plus, as a history major, I always loved these handmade things our ancestors were able to create with such ease. It seems like such a beautiful, neglected art that more people should know about.

So I stumbled onto a blog where a woman posted some pictures of her embroidery. It was beautiful, and I was inspired. A few clicks later led me to more websites and I learned that you can pretty much embroider anything. If you can draw it, you can embroider it. I learned a few ridiculously easy stitches, and on the train to Berlin to see Chelsea I drew a heart with our names in it (so 3rd grade haha) and it wasn't too bad! I ordered some iron on patterns from Sublime Stitching, a website that helps you stitch fun, unconventional things (want pin up girls or a dachshund or a mermaid on your tea towels? She's the woman to go to) and made a little wedding sampler. It was just an experiment, but I love it so much I can't wait to make something else.

Best of all, if you're artistically inclined (as I sadly am not) you could just sketch your own designs and stitch those, or trace over them with a transfer pen and follow the lines as you stitch. Ridic easy and super fun. Not to mention, it's so inexpensive. All you need is embroidery needles ($3-5, but you could probably find them cheaper in the US), an embroidery hoop ($5-7), something to stitch on (this could be anything!) little sharp scissors ($4-7) and embroidery thread (I'm using DMC floss, which is anywhere from 30-60 cents, depending on where you are. If you're buying it on the Germany economy it's more expensive but it doesn't seem to be that way in all of Europe). I went to the Craft store on post and picked up handfulls and it still only came to like $5. And I've got like every color imaginable.

Right now I'm thinking about making a Bavarian themed sampler, maybe something we could hang outside the door. We'll see. Possibilities are endless!

Ok, so here's my first project. It's not perfect but I loved making it and I can't wait to make more. Oh, and I should've ironed it before I took pictures but...yeah. Sorry!

anyways, that's it for now. Are you as excited about spring as me? :)

photos from Marburg weekend

the River Lahn

spring is here! :)

feeding ducks...

flowers for sale at the market

chocolate Easter treats (the lady in here talked me into buying some after a free sample)

a yufka chicken from Lecker Eck...doesn't look like much, but my Marburg friends and I would walk miles for these things!

soaking up some sun

by the river!

harp player in the old city

Sunday, March 18, 2012

off to Marburg

Fionn is still gone, but thankfully he comes back this weekend! I feel like such a baby that I'm missing him so much after just 2 weeks, but the house is so empty and quiet and I just can't wait to have him back.

oh, as a disclaimer, I did take pictures pertaining to this weekend but i can't find the cord at the moment and I'm too lazy to look right now. But I'll get them eventually! :)

Last week was boring, not really worth recapping. This weekend I went to Marburg. I have a German friend that I met when I studied in Marburg and we've kept in touch ever since. She's soon to be married to a guy from Texas, and since he's in Germany (for their wedding!) we made plans to meet in Marburg and catch up.

Friday I headed to Marburg, where I met my friend Steph and her fiance, Chance. I dropped my stuff off at the hostel in Marburg, and we headed to the Altstadt for some dinner. Even after dark it was beautiful weather so we went into the old city to find some outdoor cafés and have some drinks and conversation. It was a really nice night and fun to catch up with them. A little while later my Brazilian friend Livio met us. We hung out with him for a while, met some of his friends, but he was planning on going to this club called Unix. As seasoned Marburgers, Steph and I knew Unix and weren't too interested in going. It's always crowded, overpriced and the music sucks. I was sorry to say bye to Livio, but I've been to Unix enough times to pass on it! ;)

The next morning I woke up and had some breakfast in the hostel. It was typical German fare-brötchen (crusty bread rolls) with meat, cheese, nutella, or jam, some sliced fruit, and müsli. I don't have a problem with German breakfast, but it's definitely one of those things I would never crave. I'm just too American with my breakfast, especially on a weekend. Cold cuts and hard bread just doesn't make my skirt fly up, y'know?

After breakfast I went back up to my room to get my stuff together. I was staying in a womens' dorm with 6 beds, but there was only one other woman there. I hadn't seen her yet (I was asleep when she got up) but I was still a little surprised to see a woman in her 60s waltz in and start chattering away at me in German, introducing herself as Helga from Berlin and asking me where I was from. When I replied I was from America she was pretty surprised and very curious to know why I was in Marburg of all places. We ended up talking for a while-she was in Marburg to pick up a car she'd bought on Ebay and I told her I was just in Marburg for old times' sake. It was fun talking to her though, she was funny.

I checked out of the hostel and walked around Marburg. The weather was absolutely beautiful and since the hostel is located right on the river I got a nice scenic view as i made my way to the old city. There are so many memories in Marburg-it was kind of weird to walk around all these places where I had spent so much time and not run into my old friends. It's crazy to think so much time has passed since then.

I walked into the old city and looked through some street markets around Elisabethkirche. Then I stopped to buy a ceramic Easter egg from the ceramics store in Marburg. This region is famous for its pottery and this particular store has been run by the same family for hundreds of years. You can visit their website here! I'd been there before and since the family runs it, they're super friendly and helpful. It was hard to only buy one thing when everything is so cute and handmade and you're supporting a centuries old tradition.

anyway, after a quick stop there, I just kind of meandered around the old city. I stopped for lunch at Lecker Eck, a döner place that my friends and I used to walk miles for no matter the weather. The weather was gorgeous, and there were a lot of people walking around, street musicians, and sunny spots to sit and enjoy everything.

It was St. Patrick's Day, which kind of bummed me out since it's such a huge deal back home and so non existent here in Germany. How random then that I ran into a guy playing the harp on the street. I talked with him for a bit before moving on. That brightened my day to hear some good Irish music.

A little after lunchtime I was starting to get a headache that wouldn't go away. I had planned on hanging out with Livio again and maybe spending a second night but I was a little tired of traveling and decided to go home instead. In some ways, being in Marburg with so many memories and ghosts was a little sad. Maybe if more of my friends had been there it would've been ok, but just walking around and feeling their absence kind of put me in a sad mood.

Getting home took ages since I had the bad luck to pick the most connections EVER. Oops. Funny thing happened-once in Nürnberg I took the S Bahn to catch a regional train home, and on the S-Bahn I ended up talking to a group of exchange students. We were also on the same regional train so I talked to them for a while. They reminded me so much of my friends in France. I ended up speaking German then English and even French with the one French kid in the group. It was fun. Ah, study abroad was a such a great time.

Anyway, pretty soon it was my stop so I said goodbye and headed home to our quiet house. I'm so ready for Fionn to be back! This big empty house is just too lonely with just me in it!

Since today was so nice out I stopped to buy some hyacinths after church just to spring-ify the house a little. All this warm weather and sunshine and greenery put me in such a good mood. Winter is OVER and I couldn't be happier! :) I also potted some of my herbs and I'm hoping with some Miracle Gro and a little love I'll have a real herb garden before long.

It's getting close to Easter so I also made a little Easter basket and put my Marburg egg and a cloth bunny in there. That inspired me to try dying some easter eggs with stuff I had around the house-I mean, it's just me so why waste money on buying the kit? I'll save that for when there's a little Repiet running around ;) I dyed two blown out eggs with turmeric and ate the insides as an omlette while I waited. they're still dying as we speak, trying to get them nice and yellow. I just thought it'd be pretty in the basket, and our house needs a little sprucing up for spring, after all.

haha i always get so crafty when i get bored...i'll let you know how they turn out!

so yep. that's my weekend. how was yours?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Fionn is gone for most of the month for his job, which has been an adjustment after getting used to being together so much. The empty house was really starting to get to me, so I asked my friend Chelsea if I could come up and see her in Berlin. Being the awesome person that she is, she agreed and let me crash at her place for the weekend.

I was really excited to go to Berlin. I had such a great time living there, and I have a lot of friends still living there. I mean, I love Marburg too, but going back is always sad because all of my friends were exchange students like me, and there's hardly anyone left. But Berlin is always fun, not to mention there are a million cool things to do there.

The 5 hour train ride up there went surprisingly fast, mostly because I had prepared with books and snacks and things to do. Sometimes I marvel at the fact that Fionn and I took turns taking the 5 hour train between Berlin and Bavaria back and forth every weekend just to see each other. The crazy things you do when you're in love :)

I met up with Chelsea and we hung out for a little while in her cute apartment. It's so cozy and peaceful and in a really cute residential neighborhood. She's working as an au pair, so I met the family she works for as well. They were very nice.

I called German Peter on the way up and agreed to meet him and his friends at a bar in Prenzlauerberg. It was really crowded when we walked in, but I remembered that in the bar's basement they have a bunch of foosball tables. German Peter and Tommy love foosball, so it wasn't too hard to find them, even with all the people. Chelsea had met them once before and they are always so friendly so we had a good time. I love when that happens-like when you mesh two friend groups and everyone gets along. :)

Our friend Susi was also there. I met her in Berlin last summer but now she lives in Bavaria too, about an hour and a half away from me. It was nice to catch up with her. I even got to speak some German since Susi said we ought to practice. It was nice since even though I speak German where I live I don't really talk a lot in German-I don't have to explain things or talk in complicated sentences, so talking to Susi was good practice. Peter came over and she got on to him about not speaking to me in German but we both agreed it is weird when we speak German together since when we met our "friend language" was always English. Peter said it would be easier to talk to Chelsea in German since he didn't know her that well, but switching to German with me would just be weird. So we stuck to English ;)

We had planned on not staying out late, but pretty soon it was 2:45 and we were still sitting around talking (mostly teaching Peter and Tommy American slang, like always). Peter and Chelsea had to get up the next day, so we decided to leave the group, grab a döner, and head home. While eating döner, Peter gave us a cultural lesson (I love when he does that) about how when you say "döner mit alles" it's incorrect since proper German grammar would make it "döner mit allem" but when döner first became popular a lot of Turkish immigrants made the mistake and now it's just considered normal to say it wrong. I can feel for the Turkish immigrants, I can never remember the proper endings either...

We ran into Susi while getting our döner, then back home much later than we expected haha. But it was such a fun night, just talking with friends and learning new German words and playing foosball. Too fun to go home early :)

Saturday Chelsea had to watch the kids for a few hours, so I came over and helped her out. Then we hung out and talked about girly stuff-which was great for both of us since neither one of us has an American girlfriend our own age to talk to. I mentioned I've never been to IKEA, so she proposed we go and check it out. I gotta say, I was smitten. I bought a few little things for the apartment, I felt so European haha.

We met her friend Marlon for dinner after IKEA. He's from Virginia, so I thought we should check out the burrito place Fionn and I found a few weeks ago. They were really good burritos and reminded us of home. We all laughed and said for a second we forgot we were in Germany and almost thought we were in America again. That was-until bumping techno came over the speakers and I found some rucola in the salad can't escape Germany so easily. Still, awesome burritos and lots of fun hanging out with Marlon.

Sunday Chelsea and I went to church. We had lunch with the family she au pairs and then met up with her German friend for some shopping. Since there was a tourism fair in Berlin last weekend, a lot of the stores were open on Sunday. It was crazy out there, mostly since it was such a rare occurrence. We went shopping near my old apartment, so I knew the area pretty well. I found some really cute shoes and debated on buying some cute tights but wasn't sure in the end. Can I still wear pink tights? :P

After shopping we went over to Peter and Robert's apartment to watch this famous German crime show. It's really popular in Germany and a new one premiers every Sunday night. Every week is a different city with a different crime (kind of like Law and Order, but the cities switch). The main cast is the same in every city but the suspects, victims, etc are new. Tommy came over too, so me, Peter, Robert, Chelsea, and Tommy all sat down to watch it. It was kind of hard for me to understand-first off my German isn't fluent and second there were so many plot twists it was hard to keep up and third I kept having to ask what words meant. But it was still fun. Afterwards we ended up talking about politics (bleh) and societal problems but luckily the conversation wasn't all like that and we soon turned to funnier topics (like autotune the news and teaching the German guys new slang words).

Monday I went back was so hard to leave after having so much fun. But I had to be at home to sign for a package (laaaaaaaame) and Fionn had a free day so I could go and see him (yay!). We've only been a week apart, but it was really nice to see him for a little bit and a good excuse to practice driving around Germany. Now I'm back at home, hoping this week goes by fast. I'm going to Marburg this weekend to see some friends, so that's good.

Anyway, that was my weekend! I love Berlin :)

Also, sorry for no pictures, my camera died..

Monday, March 5, 2012


We went to Frankfurt this weekend! But before I tell you about that, lemme just mention the crazy weather that we've been having. Friday the weather was gorgeous. I mean, absolutely wonderful. It had warmed up so much that you could get away with a sweater or light jacket when you went outside, it was sunny and lovely-I even opened all the windows in the house and even turned off the heaters. I know, I know. HUGE.

So off we went to Frankfurt for the weekend! Fun was had. Then cut to this morning when I wake up to...

SNOW. Lots and lots of snow. Huge, fat flurries and winter wonderland. I mean, what the heck?? It's March! There was sunshine and coatless walking just a few days ago! What gives?

At least it has stopped. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it'll melt soon enough. Nyah. I knew getting excited about sunshine would jinx it...

Well anyway, on to Frankfurt. We went to Frankfurt to meet Fionn's best friend, Zane. He lives in the area and they had been trying to set something up for a while and luckily this weekend worked. I was excited to get to meet him-I'd heard so much about him, and I was happy to meet someone who is such a big figure in the life of someone I love very much. So off we went to Frankfurt.

We left Bavaria super early so we could get to Frankfurt before lunch. It only takes a little over 3 hours to get there, which isn't too bad. We decided to meet up at Hauptwache, this big shopping district in Frankfurt. Fionn and I stopped for some Korean food (my dad would be so proud) and then walked around and looked in a few stores before finally meeting up with Zane.

He was such a nice guy! They were so funny together too, they're so alike it's no wonder they're best friends. He was really easy to talk to and has a lot of funny stories so even though I couldn't add too much to their catching up conversation it was fun just listening to them. We walked around a market and tried some Apfelwein (apple wine, a specialty of Hessen) and some typical market food like kartoffellpuffer (potato pancakes). Since Marburg is also in Hessen being in Frankfurt brought back a lot of memories of my time there...I kept feeling like I could turn around and expect to see one of my friends from Marburg behind me. Can't believe that was over a year ago!

We walked around Frankfurt, visiting some of the sites...

we didn't have much of a plan, just kind of wandering around and stopping at whatever looked interesting. Then we ran into the Occupy Frankfurt people. They're camped out in front of one of the banks in the financial center. It wasn't very big, and honestly, it looked like a shantytown, or maybe what some kind of post apocalyptic movie might make the survivors settlement look like. A group of old ratty tents set up together, with various signs with handwritten slogans in German and English posted outside, trash all over the street, a giant teepee, and a pervading smell of pot. I didn't really have any expectations for the whole Occupy thing-to be honest, I had forgotten that Frankfurt even had an Occupy movement. But there was really nothing going on. No protests, no movement, no action at all. Just people smoking or talking in their tents or one random guy dancing around. And a lot of tourists wandering through their shantytown and looking kind of confused. It was boring.

the sign outside the Occupy Frankfurt square. It says, "You're now entering a non Capitalist zone" or something like that and there's a cut out board you can take pictures with. Serious stuff :P

We headed back to the hostel for a nap since we were all tired, then met up a while later to explore the city by night. We found a pretty cool Thai place and then went to an Irish pub (they had a session on Sundays, boo we missed it) and a German bar for some Hefeweizen. It was a fun night, and very chill.

Sunday morning we found a breakfast place for a typical German breakfast (and the guys laughed about how German breakfast is basically paying to assemble your own sandwich, which is pretty true). We all talked about our homesickness for a good American breakfast place, like a diner or something. Somewhere you could go and have lots of coffee and eggs and bacon and pancakes and all the usual stuff. I miss that too. I mean, brötchen is great and everything, but sometimes you just want something from home. Especially on Sundays, which is a great day for a nice, long breakfast.

Anyway, the breakfast was still good and the waitress was funny. We walked around a little longer but pretty soon we all had to catch trains so we said bye to Zane and headed back south. I hope we get to see him again, he and Fionn have such a good time together and I thought he was really nice (and since he's from my home state he agrees with me on how awesome Chick fil a is and that warm weather is infinitely superior to cold, so he's alright in my book haha).

It was a nice weekend :) Now if the snow would just melt! Fionn leaves for his training soon, I'm trying not to think about it too much since I know I'll miss him a lot while he's gone. Just gotta find something to do to stay busy til he gets back!

aww :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Landlord visit...

so the landlord and his son in law came by the past two days to try to figure out what's making our wall all squishy. He ended up tearing up part of the wall in the closet-room. There's no other way to describe this's tiny and narrow and not very deep, with a tiny sunlight and no radiator. Not big enough to be a room but too big to be a we stash all of Fionn's work stuff in there. We wanted to put our US fridge in there but the fridge was too big to fit through the door frame (since it's a huge Amuurican appliance and all haha). Back when we were dating Fionn used to hide trash and random things in there that didn't have a place when he was cleaning before I came over so it was affectionately nicknamed "the trash room".

Once Landlord had gotten a huge hole in the wall he got down to investigating the cause of le squishy wall. Well that ended up being a big mystery. It was definitely NOT the shower, it didn't seem to be coming from the roof, and there was no additional leaky pipe. And yet there was lots of moisture. Son in law came over, there was a lot of German-ing back and forth as they tried to figure it out. They were both very friendly though and tried to take time to explain to me what was going on. I tried listening in on them but I swear, that Bavarian accent is not doing me any favors :P

One funny thing was when he came up to me (at 10:30 am, after having been there about 30 minutes) and asked if I minded if he got a beer while he was working. I didn't have a problem with him and told him I didn't mind at all, but I had to laugh at such a cultural difference. Germans: totally normal to drink a beer at 10:30 while you're smashing up walls. haha I love them.

Today he was back to fix one of the bathroom tiles he accidentally broke and to put a ventilated cover over the hole. He's going to let it dry out and come back in a few weeks to repair the hole and the wall. We have such a nice Landlord! :) Though I was glad when he wrapped up and I had the house to myself again.

He and his wife are really nice people. He kept apologizing for the mess though I assured him Fionn and I could survive with an ugly wall for a week or two. He even tried cleaning some dirt in the living room and I'm like no, Fionn tracked that in this weekend, not you! Quit being so nice haha. Thankful to have such nice people :)

It's really cool too, since he built this whole house himself! He was explaining to me how he built everything and fixes just about everything too (with a little help from his sons in law). That's a pretty cool bragging right in my book.