Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a short tour of the apartment

I get a lot of questions about our apartment here. It's hard to explain-it's kind of a house, almost like a duplex, except with three parts. We live on the top part, the landlord in the middle, and then another couple in the basement part (though I don't really know them, I think they're also American). You walk into a foyer with stairs going up and down. Up is us, down is the other couple, straight ahead is the landlord. Get it?

We've got a little kitchen but it's cozy and I've been able to decorate it with my own stuff which makes it seem more familiar and homey. I love our little kitchen, though I really want some curtains. The window opens into the kitchen though, so I dunno how I'd do it. Ideas?

We have a dining room with these cool bookshelves/cabinets and then the next room is the living room. Outside is a little balcony. When it gets warm I'd love to put some plants out there. The apartment was semi-furnished by the landlord, and the livign room was kind of an Africa theme, which I wasn't a big fan of. I took down the tribal masks, but decided to leave the zebra prints and giraffe statue for now. I was thinking of making a photo collage or a postcard collage later since Fionn and I have traveled so many places and it'd be cool to highlight that.

down the hall are the bedrooms, we've got a guest room, a spare room that'll one day house my harps and stuff (and currently holds our American fridge, since it was too big for the kitchen), then our bedroom, the bathroom, and laundry room. It feels like a lot of space sometimes, but I really like. I love how it's come together :)


  1. You could make a light weight roman shade and attach it directly to the wood frame of the window-door-thing. Or you could buy one. But, with the free time for hobbying I read about in the other posts, you could make one. hahaaa

  2. hey...... :) das is aber eine sehr schöne wohnung :) gefällt mir :)

  3. UHM this is not what i imagined at all. THIS IS BIG AND AMAZING YOU HIT THE JACKPOT

    totes jeal

    i want to come visit

    do you have a tv?

    1. no TV yet but we're looking for one. come visit! we have a guest room! :)