Monday, February 27, 2012

playing catch up

It's been nearly a week without an entry! Sorry for being so lazy. Fionn was out of town for work for most of last week so I spent my first time alone here. It wasn't so bad, except at night when the house seems too big for just me in it. He did leave the car behind, so I got to explore a little and get out of the house. I can't wait for my car to get here! :)

Saturday we hopped in the car and drove to Amberg. It's a nice place with a cute little old city surrounded by a medieval looking wall. Of course there were the usual cathedral and city hall you usually find in old German towns. We had some döner, did a little shopping, and soaked up some February sunshine (finally!!). On the drive home we somehow got talking about crepes so I decided to make some. My dad is the Crepe-Meister, and mixing them up and flipping them brought back a lot of good memories of fun weekend mornings with Pappie making mountains of crepes and learning his crepe making tips. It also reminded me of being in college when we used to make crepes to sell for the French club, so good memories all around.

I wish I would have taken a picture of all the crepe but we ate them too fast! :) I had planned to eat them for dessert but Fionn ended up using them to make burrito with the rest of dinner. Haha I swear, he can turn anything into a burrito or sandwich ;) We did have some for dessert, and then breakfast the next day. The only thing missing was some nutella...which reminds me of my days in Besanç, me and crepes are having some serious memory lane time...

Sunday was the, grocery shopping, then hanging out at home. In Germany everything pretty much shuts down on Sunday, especially in Bavaria where people are more conservative than the rest of Germany. This can be pretty frustrating since you get all excited about the weekend and then realize you can really only do stuff on one of your weekend days. It's strange to me that Germans hold onto this tradition so fiercely since they're generally not religious. I mean, I'm from Georgia, I've lived in the buckle of the Bible Belt and the front yard of Southern Baptist territory, and even there you could find things open on Sunday. Not that that's necessarily a good thing, but Germans...what's your excuse? *cough*youlikehavingthedayoff*cough* Anyways, off my expat soapbox... It was a nice Sunday. It snowed a little but quickly turned into rain and melted away, thank goodness. I made some roast chicken and Tabbouleh with feta and olives for dinner and since Fionn had Monday off we stayed up late watching movies and talking.

Today (Monday) we went to Nürnberg. That was really nice and kinda nostalgic since Nürnberg was where we spent our third weekend together after we'd met so it was fun to walk around and recognize places. The day had started sunny but quickly became
overcast and gray but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. I found some pants on sale for €7. What's not to love? :)

Unfortunately the landlord is coming tomorrow to rip out part of the wall in the hallway...we noticed a section of the plaster wall was squishy and puffing out, so he came to look at it today and decided he had to rip it open to find out the cause. It's not being caused by the shower so who knows. Fingers crossed it's not something huge...I'm just imagining our hallway strewn with squishy plaster and Bavarian workmen tromping through the house making a mess. Let's hope that's not the case. Our landlord is super nice though, so hopefully he can get it straightened out.

Oh, I made some granola the other day. Soooooo good. I never knew it was so ridic easy.

I have pictures but can't find the cord. So check back later to see them! :)

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