Tuesday, February 28, 2012


because pictures make everything cooler.

honey spice cake (i tried doing almond flowers though I got lazy after a while!)
taken from Smitten Kitchen's recipe (i halved it), though I think if I'd split the batter into two pans it would've been a little moister. Still, very good!

homemade date and almond granola. i made this on friday and it's nearly gone :)
I got the recipe from Epicurious and I wasn't let down. Loved loved loved this (and the Ja! honey in the background. I think that's such a funny brand).

enjoying it...

the church in Amberg

haha since we hardly ever take pictures together! ;)

look at that smile :)

I look like a kid haha

weekend dinner of fajitas with guac

spicy middle eastern chicken and a jazzed up tabbouleh with olives, feta, and lots of mint and veggies. There were no leftovers :) I used this recipe from TLC, but I halved it since I had 3 chicken thighs, and I skipped the whole zucchini, feta, couscous bit since I had my own plans. It was really good, and just the right amount of spicy! I cooked them with some potatoes and onions since I'd originally wanted to make some Greek chicken and potatoes. Oh well, sometimes improvisations are delicious, right? :)

I'm really lucky that I love cooking and that Fionn is not a picky eater. It's really fun trying out new recipes on him. I've always loved cooking-it was something my family did a lot together and it's always a great joy to me to get in the kitchen and make something. It's satisfying, y'know? I even played with the idea of going to a culinary school, but studying history won out in the end. So I hope you don't mind my recipe sharing, but I have a lot of fun doing it hence why it ends up on the blog. Anyways, if you make anything, let me know how it turns out!

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