Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

ok, a day late, but the sentiment is still there!

We had a very nice Valentine's Day. I got spoiled with some breakfast in bed and then we bundled up and headed out into the snow to the train station. We took the train to Regensburg, which is a cute little city not too far away. Perfect for a day trip. It was snowing but not bitterly cold, and it kind of gave everything this cute, romantic winter wonderland feeling. We didn't have much of a plan beyond "get out of the house" but Regensburg was a great choice. It has a cute historic city center with winding streets that're perfect for walking and browsing.

First we stopped at a famous hat store called Der Hutkönig. It's mostly known for its Bavarian hats, but they make just about everything in between too, from English bowlers to fedoras to French tricorns and one masterpiece called simply, "The Napoleon". Here's a link if you'd like to look around and get an idea: . It's in English! :) They also made the Mad Hatter's hat from the newest Alice in Wonderland (y'know, the one where Johnny Depp is the Hatter?). We had fun looking around and some of the women's hats were to die for-cute little veils and feathers and everything-extravagant without being over the top. As cute as they were I couldn't really justify getting one, so we returned to men's hats. Fionn has been looking for a nice winter hat, but nothing really jumped out at us when we were looking around. Too bad, but der Hutkönig was fun just for the experience.

After that we wandered around a little more, window shopping and people watching. Fionn showed me a really cute stationary store. It was amazing, they had all kinds of beautiful paper and letter writing stuff and notebooks and everything. We spent quite a while in there. I love writing letters, and I love nice stationary, which is probably a combination of my southern upbringing and growing up seeing my own mother's huge stash of cute notecards and stationary. When we were sick from school she would always write us a note on her nice cards and I remember once the secretary at the front office saw me and said, "oh so that's your mother! We love getting her cards, they're always so cute and normally everyone just writes notes on a ripped piece of notebook paper!"

We hit a few more places before stopping at a cafe for lunch. The waitress was really cute and sweet as she tried her English out on us (though I was kind of bummed she wouldn't speak German to me). After that we did some shopping and found some new winter shoes for me! Most of my Savannah shoes are retired until spring, so I have big clumsy snow boots or high riding boots in the meantime. I was able to find a pair of cute, flat ankle boots that I think will be perfect. Yay! :)

Our last stop was to the electronic store to pick up a new water filter. We haven't been able to find one for months since the PX is always out but luckily the German store had one. Super exciting, I know, but I'm happy we can have filtered water again since the stuff from the tap is always so calcium-y.

We headed home, stopping on the way at the German grocery store so I could pick up a few lactose free products (and Fionn could sneak away and get flowers and chocolate haha). I love the German grocery can always find something interesting.

Finally back home, I unwrapped my flowers. They were so pretty! One red rose and two yellow-pink ones that reminded me of the ones I had in my bouquet at our civil ceremony. They were perfect :)

I made Turkish chicken thighs and tabboleh for dinner, along with a brownie-cake. I wanted to be all fancy and stencil our names with powdered sugar, but my hand slipped and it got all messed up, so I made do with a heart's a picture of our demolished cake ;) See the heart?

It was a very nice day :)

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