Monday, February 13, 2012

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This week has flown. We had quite a few after work engagements this week-meetings, a goodbye party (which included some good friends of ours I am very sad to see go). I got to meet Fionn's coworkers though, and they (and their wives) were all very friendly. They introduce all the new people, and I even got pulled up to the front and introduced since I'm new (and they gave me a rose haha). It was a little embarrassing having everyone looking at you but it was nice to let people know I'm a newbie, and lots of people came up to us afterward to welcome me, which I thought was really nice of them.

Where did the weekend go? We're still dealing with this super cold weather, so when the weekend rolls around a lot of times we're kind of unenthusiastic about braving the cold and leaving the house to go out and be exciting. Well, maybe I'm the more unenthusiastic one, and Fionn is happy to relax on the weekend after working all week. But still. :)

Friday it started snowing again, so I decided to try my luck at making freeze ahead breakfast pastry dough from a cookbook my parents sent me. It was time intensive but not difficult, the hardest part was being patient while the dough was rising and finding a good place for the dough to rise. Our house is lovely and open and has big high ceilings, but it's kind of hard to keep warm. Not only that, but since we don't spend time in all the rooms, we actually only heat the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom so we don't waste energy. While those rooms do stay pretty warm, I was worried it wouldn't be warm enough for the dough, until I read online (while troubleshooting some other bread problems) that someone's grandma used to leave her dough to rise in the laundry room while she was drying clothes. As luck would have it, I was doing laundry and when I went to scope it out it was super warm in our little laundry room. I left it in there and went to do other things and two hours later, it was doubled in size. Aren't grandmas a wealth of information? :)

I split the dough into two and made one half into cinnamon rolls and the other half into orange rolls (my mom's favorite). I froze most of them and left a few out to taste test :) They turned out great-nice and fluffy (though they could've used just a tad more cinnamon in my opinion) and we decided the only thing missing was the I'll give an update on that later.

I like the recipe and it's nice to have them in the freezer, but the only thing is it takes a while if you want to cook them since you have to thaw them and let them rise a little before baking them. So not ideal for spur of the moment cinnamon roll craving, but if you planned ahead for the weekend you could have a nice weekend treat. I'll post some pictures later.

Today my project is squash bread, which, I know, might sound kind of weird but I'm excited to try. I bought this big butternut squash for the morrocan tagine I made last week and I had a lot left over. Since I hadn't planned anything with squash for dinner this week I thought back to the awesome pumpkin bread we made at the coffee shop I used to work at and thought, squash...pumpkins...same family, right? So this morning I've been roasting squash in the oven and I'm going to make a puree (the old fashioned way, since I have no blender or food processor!) and try my hand at squash bread. I'll let you know how that turns out!

Fionn had to work over the weekend, but luckily he's been given Tuesday off-Valentine's day! :) We went out for dinner on Saturday and decided we'd spend our V-day together and maybe go to some of the German towns and do some shopping and look around. I'm excited about that and it'll be nice to get out of the countryside for a while and back to civilization haha. I've planned a nice dinner for us to celebrate our first Valentine's day together, but I'm still at a loss for the many options, just gotta pick one!

Sunday was the usual-church, grocery shopping (haha look how domestic we are) and then back home to spend the day together. Unfortunately I got a bad headache after lunch and didn't feel like doing much, so I ended up catching up on Downton Abbey and Fionn was sweet and sat with me. I love that show, but then again I'm a huge nerd and a big WWI buff. So yeah :)

Some good news: My car should be here soon (fingers crossed for the end of the month!) AND all my papers are in order for me staying here, which is such a relief. It finally feels like we're really settling in here. I'm already starting to think about what I'll do next, I can't wait to have a car again! :D

I see the irish festival is next really breaks my heart I can't be there. I mean, the irish season and everything it includes has been such a massive force in my life, it just feels wrong I won't be there. I keep having dreams I'm back in my apartment and I get into my car and drive downtown to go to all this stuff. I just wake up feeling homesick. I think all this cold weather has just made me homesick, but I can't help that I miss home and all the great people there. I just wish Germany and Georgia were a little closer. Anyway, not to be a negative nancy...but just so you all know, I'm missing you!

alright enough moping, now to this squash bread... :)

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  1. Loved reading your post this am. I feel for your homesickness as I am the world's worst! I adore travelling and have been fortunate to live abroad in my lifetime, but Jay says I have a "4 day" limit before I begin talking about missing home. To compound your feelings is the oppressively cold winters in Germany :( My cousin (from FL) lives in Trier and always tries to come "home" for at least a month in the winter to thaw. I love your spirit and sounds like you are really trying to make it home! Piet must be loving all the creations coming out of the kitchen! I am happiest cooking and applaud your baking skills....baking not my strong suit. I hate to measure :) Hoping the car will give you more freedom and anxious to hear what you have planned..... P.S. I discovered while in China with little heat, that a hot water bottle was my best friend. Hope you have one! Hug your handsome husband from me and love to both of you! As always, sending warm, SUNNY thoughts. Though it was 35 here in Winter Park last night..... :( (78 tomorrow tho'--woohoo!)