Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Fionn had a 4 day weekend a few weeks ago, so we decided to go to Austria! We first stopped in Salzburg, which is mostly famous for its Mozart connection. He took all the pictures for that leg of the trip, so I don't have many since I can't find his camera! :(

view from the castle

Anyway, we went all around the old city and climbed up to this castle overlooking the city. It was super cold and snowy, but it was very pretty. There was a little museum inside, so we wandered through that for a while. When we made our way back down it was starting to get dark, so we walked through the city to look at the lights and visited a little street market.

The next day we headed to Vienna. Vienna was cold, but beautiful. We walked around a lot the first day, enjoying the city and all the lights they decorate with. There was a beautiful church with very cool stained glass inside, and we ran into a bajillion Trachten stores! :)

That night we had a lot of great photo ops as we went around the city as the sun was setting. The second day we decided to look for the military history museum (we're both history majors, after all). It was awesome. I think we spent like 3 hours there haha. Then we went to the palace in Vienna. Very pretty, but VERY cold!

Fun weekend! :)

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